Mystery Drink Recipe: It's Got Synergy!

guave bana kiwi smoothie
Mystery Drink! (Smoothie...)

What is it? You'd never guess to blend this bottled beverage into a frosty healthy drink! Very low calorie and delicious!

Find out.......

And the Mystery Drink Recipe is....

Guava Synergy Banana-Kiwi Daiquiri
(It is soooooooo good)

Add the following to a blender....
1 bottle guava Synergy brand Kombucha drink.
1-2 very ripe bananas, frozen in chunks
1 peeled kiwi
2 large scoops of ice

Blend until creamy smooth-natural frothiness will occur from the natural kombucha carbonation!

Garnish with fresh kiwi and banana

This is incredibly delicious and low calorie.

Even in winter, I love this hydrating-good for you smoothie.

Nutrition Facts:
Makes about 2-3 servings. Only around 100 calories per serving!

Synergy Beverages:
Kombucha is an incredibly healthy beverage.
Read more about the health effects of Kombucha HERE at the Synergy Kombucha website.

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