Updated Review: Starbucks' London Fog Not-So-Gloomy Afterall

I tried the London Fog again at a different Starbucks location and it was much better. Yay Starbucks.

There was lots of creamy soy foam and I didn't even want to add sweetener.

Starbucks should do a quality control check. The prep of this drink makes a huge difference.

Still need to try the other new TAZO beverages! I'll let you know.

What are your reviews of this line of new drinks???

OLD REVIEW POST: London Fog Kinda Gloomy...

So I veered from my usual Starbucks path of an extra-hot Venti Soy Chai, and decided to try the much hyped new Starbucks Tazo Tea Beverages.
I chose the London Fog.
A blend of Earl Gray TAZO tea (new premium tea bags) and your choice of milk. The Starbucks photos makes the beverage look frothy, creamy and delicious. But I tried it, and the tea tasted bitter and my barista failed to add that frothy milk cap.

Starbucks' London Fog TAZO Drink

Shelf-Appeal: Marketing promos show froth. Mine looked watery.
Label Check: With soy milk, a venti has 240 calories, less than a chai. Antioxidants in tea are a plus.
Taste Test: Watery, water too hot-tea tasted burnt and bitter, no foam, had to add sugar.
Price: More expensive than a 'hot tea' with milk and that's a rip-off.
Last Word: I can drink watery tea at home. It's an Earl Gray with milk. The fancy name doesn't change the blah taste. Sticking to my yummy soy chai at Starbucks. Sorry.
So while the tea bag quality is improved, the flavor was the same.
London Fog was terribly gloomy.
And I'm a huge fan of fog.
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