Is Steve Jobs' Health Your Business?

In a letter posted today on Apple's website, Steve Jobs decided to break his silence regarding his controversial weight loss and questionable health status.
The Apple CEO's health has been a frequent distraction in the media,  despite the ever-blooming success of all-things-Apple-branded.
Jobs' is a vegan.  
As is his wife, TerraVera co-founder, Laurene Powell. 
Jobs is a well-known health food fan.  He even scratched the veal entree at an important 'key buyers' luncheon.  The salad was served,  and after that came the dessert.  No entree. He was not serving veal.  Nice.  Thus, many people speculate that his strict diet philosophies have hurt his health. And possibly his performance on the job.  Hmmm...
The closing sentence of Jobs' letter, viewable on Apple's website,  posted today (a day before MacWorld-where he will not be the keynote speaker), says this:
"So now I’ve said more than I wanted to say, and all that I am going to say, about this." -Steve Jobs
So what do you think? Do you think it was Jobs' duty to comment on his private health matters?  Do Apple's stock-holders and customers have a right to know about his health status? 
I personally find it odd that the minute a person begins to look gaunt and below a healthy weight, people and the media jump all over it. However,  I'd like to take a poll of the number of overweight,  heck, obese CEO's and politicians. All of which the media generally ignore. Obese individuals are at great risk of heart attacks, diabetes and other health ailments,  yet the media does not pressure them to confront their health imperfections on a public scale.
I applaud Jobs for communicating his disdain for the pressure-cooker media.  I also applaud his hint that he is not going to talk about his health anymore (at least unless it started effecting his work at Apple.)
With Apple selling well over ten million iPhone's, and still counting, perhaps the media should lay off on the 'Steve Jobs is dooming Apple.' stories and stick to the impressive facts on this soaring company.
Read the Steve Jobs letter here:
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