GOOP: Are You Getting it?

I just got my weekly GOOP newsletter, and once again, I love it. Written by Gwyneth Paltrow, a lifestyle/wellness guru if ever there was one, the newsletters cover anything from NYC and LA restaurants and family-homestyle meal recipes, to book recommendations by model, Christy Turlington and the fierce one herself, Madonna.

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I don't always agree with the recipes-this week there was a garlic bread recipe with lots of butter. But then in the same newsletter she had some yummy bright green steamed peas. (And as I type this, I am munching sweet salted peas in my salad, simply because of the delicious photo in her newsletter.)

Keep reading for some of my favorite GOOP newsletter outtakes...

SEE: Books in winter

I love this intro from Gwyneth:
"I feel a bit swallowed up in January, the days are so short, the sky is so close and gray. The best way to escape (not to mention the least expensive, most hassle-free way) is to curl up by the fire with an amazing, transportive novel."

Recommendations for books:
Madonna: "The Bad Girl by Mario Vargas Llosa, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger"

GO: NYC Restaurants
Gwyneth recommends these yummy places, most of which I also approve of: Babbo, Otto, Lupa, Angelika Kitchen, Gramercy Tavern, Balthazar and Taim.


This quote from Gwyn's favorite trainer:
"I exhaust the large muscle groups then call on the accessory muscles to become active and alert. This works wonders with skin tone and structure."-Tracy Anderson

You can read more great quips in the newsletters, all available on the GOOP website.

...and no I don't exactly know what GOOP means! :)

...No word yet if Gwyneth will be launching her NYC gym anytime soon, but I have a feeling us GOOPers will be the first to know!

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