Disney to Release Earth Film this Earth Day

Disney has a new G rated movie coming to theaters this Earth Day, April 22 2009. It's called, Earth.

I am a huge animal lover. The wide-eyed baby birds, tumbling brown bears, somber swimming blue whales, a lonely white polar bear trekking across a vast snowscape, and curious crimson-colored insects exploring tall rainforest all give me a comforting feeling that there is more to life on this earth than just us humans. Looks like a peaceful, soul-soothing flick for humans of all ages. Kids especially of course.

Read more for more info on this new venture into film productions from Disneynature.

"Walt Disney Co has launched a new film label charged with producing environmental and wildlife features for the big screen.

And the first Disneynature release, on April 22nd 2009, will be Earth, a movie adaptation of the landmark BBC series Planet Earth.

Dick Cook, chairman of Walt Disney Studios, told Variety the corporation's aim was "to bring event films, as only nature can tell, to audiences around the world and for generations to come".

Disneynature will be run by Jean-Francois Camilleri, a France-based Disney executive who was a co-producer of 2005's Oscar-winning documentary March of the Penguins."
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