The Depressingest Day of the Year is....

happy couple in snow

We're Doomed? Curing the January 24th 'Most Depressing Day of the Year' Blues:

"Scientists have found that January 24 is the most depressing day of the year due to a number of contributing factors."

Read more to read my cure for this depressing day....

You're doomed.

Say scientists.

So why not be doomed together!

Host a Depressingest Day bash!

With gloom looming, and snow falling or gusty wind blowing outside..

Toast with your loved ones or friends!

STEP 1: Write out the most depressing thing that is bothering you that day...or month or year...then...

STEP 2: tear it up into a million pieces. Create some depressingest day confetti!!

STEP 3: Then follow that up by writing a list of all the exciting things to look forward to throughout the coming year.

Once you've hit rock bottom, you can only go up right?!

Oh, and if you are still on my FUN STUFF posts for some good times.
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