The Curious Case of Alanis Morissette

"I feel like a twelve year-old!" proclaims Alanis.

But this is not some crazy backwards-age-reversing disease that has turned back the clock on the Jagged Little Pill songstress.

Alanis, made a lifestyle change, and to me it's not such a curious case after all.

What does she want you to know about her new, healthier, lost twenty-pounds life?

Alanis went vegan.

And lost twenty pounds-easily.

Alanis says early music stardom lead her to live a very restrictive life. And that included food. Thus, in her early twenties, instead of staying out until two AM at a dive bar in San Fran, munching cheeseburgers and french fries and chugging mojitos, she was on tour.

And thus, when she grew out of her early-life restrictions, for about nine months-recently, Alanis let loose and indulged in all those missed food think missed food lessons.

....You know those food lessons where if you don't eat all day an then scarf party food and drinks, you will not be happy. Or that food lesson where eating an entire bag of potato chips should not feel like a mastered feat, but a next-day bloat-fest. Or that food lesson that says, ordering that decadent dessert in a restaurant after a hefty three course meal may sound fun, but ultimately isn't always the best idea.

So Alanis gained some weight. Well, a lot of weight for a petite woman.

And she felt pretty crappy.

So luckily, Alanis picked up a copy of the book Eat to Live by Dr.Furhman.

And her lifestyle was forever changed.

This is my plight. To get people to realize that diets don't work forever. Diets are so out. So eighties.

The only way to improve your health and drop a few pounds forever is to change your lifestyle. Adopt a healthier way of living-forever. Though you really have to commit personally to the new way of life. Your commitment has to be on a personal or even societal level.

Take veganism. Alanis bought into this lifestyle diet. And so did I. It isn't just about eating healthy foods. It's about living a life that I consider to be respectful of the earth, animals and other humans. Thus, it's a lifetime diet plan.

Not a fad that I will be over in a few weeks, and then it's back to eating bon bons!

My favorite quote in OK'S interview with Alanis is, "It's about longevity." She says she wants to live to be one-hundred and twenty. Don't we all. And how she wakes up each morning feeling more energized and alive.

I've never heard someone on a diet say that.

Good job Alanis. Welcome to the vegan side of life.

It's not that hard to join over, if you give yourself a lot of patience and you really commit yourself to change.

..hmmm..change? Isn't that what America just voted on? So why not try a change of lifestyle in 2009 too.

Just an idea.

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