Creature Creations! Fun Food Recipes for Kids Big and Small.

Kids (big and small) love to eat fun foods.

What is it?! It's alive! It's got eyes!

What's better than a salad that looks like a happy monkey. Or a simple snack of toast and almond butter that comes to life as a sea creature lobster! Or even a funny face pizza.

Get creative and watch healthy eating come easily.

Keep reading for creature creation recipes.

Super Simple Lobster Toast
Funny Face Pizza
Happy Monkey Face Salad

Super Simple Lobster Toast
(pictured above)
two slices toasted bread
two spreads of almond or peanut butter
Apple slices cut in various shapes

Assemble. Cut toast into three even slivers. Long ways--see photo.
Move side ends up-to reveal claws. Add eyes and tail.

Happy Monkey Face Salad
(pictured above)
Base of face: Spinach or romaine lettuce
Ears: mushrooms
Eyes: orange slices, cut round
Eyeballs: beans or olives.
Mouth: Half-cut apple slice, onion for smile.
Scarf: Red bell pepper slice.
Fur texture: Shredded cabbage, parsley and arugula.
Nose: Onion cube.
Cheeks: Apple triangles.

Assemble and drizzle with dressing of choice!

Funny Face Pizza
Face background: 1 pita, toasted and covered in tomato sauce.
Skin: Cheese shreds melted.
Eyes and ears: Half cut mushroom.
Eye glasses: Onions.
Nose: Sliced baby carrot and small mushroom slice.
Mouth: Half-cut tomato slice and bell pepper.
Hair: shredded cabbage or lettuce.

Assemble and toast in over until warmed. (Or simple melt cheese in microwave.)

...super easy, right?

These are just a few ideas to get creative with food presentation for kids. You can make faces, animals and even cityscape's using creatively positioned food slices. Your kids (big and small) will get a kick out of it and probably eat more veggies!

...who can resist munching the carrot stick nose right off a funny pizza face!
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