The Citizens in this US City Live the Longest! Where is it, and What is their Lifestyle Secret?

Oprah recently reported an interesting fact about longevity and diet in America.

What city in America has the citizens who live the longest?

What is their lifestyle secret?

Hint: It's in California.
Hint: Their diet is a huge factor...

Read more to find out.

It's Loma Linda, California!

...Reported by Oprah:

Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes from Loma Linda, California: "Located about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, Loma Linda, California, is home to the longest-living Americans. What's their secret? Because of the tenets of their religious faith, many residents of Loma Linda keep strict vegan diets.

Veganism means that they don't eat any animal products—no meat, milk or dairy.

So what do they eat? 

Try one of these recipes developed by Loma Linda University. (Use link above)

Herbed Red Potato
Mediterranean Potato Salad
Peanut Pate
Vegan Maritime Patty
Vegan Walnut Balls in Apricot Sauce
Vegan Vegetable Shrimp Cocktail
Veggie Beef Satay
Walnut Bar Dessert

These recipes are available on

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