Did Cleaning Chemicals Spark Jett Travolta's Early Ailments?

The death of Jett Travolta has sparked an important conversation regarding the use of household chemicals in our everyday lives.

Jett's death is very sad. At first glance we are left with a feeling of sadness for the family. But our second human instinct is to ask, why?

Kelly Preston, Jett's mother, said this in a 2002 interview with Montel Williams regarding Jett's condition:

"Jett's whole immune system shut down, and he got really sick with high fevers, 104 and 105," she said. "I kept taking him into the doctor and they didn't know what was wrong with him. He developed a rash on his body, swollen lymph glands—it was horrible. they don't know how you acquire it, and lo and behold, there were tons of kids in the ICU with Kawasaki's," Preston said. "I'd never even heard of it. And they give you a questionnaire with about 50 questions on it. I went and talked to everybody— every single parent—and everyone had cleaned their carpets in the last couple of weeks. That was one of the questions. So I don't know what the correlation is...I'm just saying we need to know more."

In regards to the carpet cleaning connection, E! Online reported this 2006 statement made by Dr. David Morens, an epidemiologist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Md.:

"There is something about the act of shampooing that indirectly caused the outbreak. It had nothing to do with the chemicals in the shampoo or rug fibers, but more likely with bacteria released into the air. There are whole ecosystems in a carpet...bacteria, spores and fungi that live and grow there."

So we are left with many questions and many thoughts about how this public tragedy may influence the way we live our lives. Do we stop chemically cleaning our carpets? Do we rip out all our carpets and replace them with hardwood floors? Do we hop on the anti-chemical bandwagon and remove all chemical cleaners from our homes? A la, Marilu Henner's advice in her book Healthy Life Kitchen.

Marilu Henner has been a passionate anti-chemical leader, she proclaims that we should all rid our kitchens and households of harmful chemicals found in everyday cleaning and toiletry products like bleach, window or floor cleaner.

Clean Green, the All Natural Way
A few natural cleaning products include: Baking Soda, Cream of Tartar, Lemon Juice, Hydrogen Peroxide, Olive and Essential Oils, Soap, Spices and White Vinegar. Read more about how to use them here on Fittv.

I don't know what killed Jett Travolta, but I am still saddened whenever a young person dies of poor health-related causes. It makes us all reflect on how precious our health is and how being healthy should always be our number one priority for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Read the full e!online article here:
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