Vegan Living, Since You Asked.

I have been vegan for seven years. Vegetarian for fifteen. I grew up in Santa Cruz, a few hours west of the central valley of California where "vineyards, orchards and fields produce 25% of America"s table food!"

It was easy to embrace plant-food. I now live in NYC. I am always shocked when someone scoffs at my diet. I don't understand the cynicism. Studies have shown that a plant-based diet is the healthiest. Asian cultures, who eagerly embrace plant-based meals, soy products and fish, have been shown to have the longest lifespan and vibrant longevity.

But the big question: why? Health is a factor. But that's not what keeps me eating vegan for a lifetime. There are plenty of unhealthy things I do from time to time.

The reason I embrace a vegan lifestyle is my love of animals. I don't like to expand upon that topic. It gets too political. I like to simply say that I love animals too much. Thats just the way I am wired.
I have do not have any negative feelings for meat-eaters, (like my husband enjoyed a Kobe-burger at the Miami Mandarin Hotel on our wedding day). In this country, we are free to choose our diet. Spam, raw oysters, tofu, chocolate, brussel sprouts, pigs-feet, truffles, parsley, or jackfruit. Food can get very political. But for my personal life, I only want to be free to be who I am, and let you be free as well.
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