Top Ten Wellness Tips for 2009

Here are my top ten wellness tips for you try in 2009. Click on the tip headlines to read more. I hope you try and add at least a few of these to your wellness routine.

They all make great New Year's Eve resolutions too!

10. Epsom Salts
A must have item for your medicine cabinet is epsom salts. These salts help sooth aching muscles and are a great everyday wellness item to keep your body happy. Plus they are dirt cheap.

9. Breathing
Many of us forget that oxygen is the most important chemical in your body. 70% of our bodies 'waste products' are removed through breathing. Deep breathing exercises have always been 'trendy' but few people actually do them! They really do enhance your overall wellness, so remember to breath.

8. Re-think Meat
In the coming year, it would be a good idea to consider ditching meat in favor of the many meat alternatives and plant-based protein sources out there. Fun fact: Did you know that one bunch of broccoli contains 17g protein!

7. Take the Hard Road -Test Your Limits
You know you limits right? And sometimes your just A-OK with taking that easy road to get to your destination. Well this year, take the hard road a bit more often. Now push it to the next level. You say you can't do it??? ....but you just did.

6. Try Hot Yoga
Hot yoga is a powerful detoxifying and balancing way to improve your health.

5. Take a Lunch Break Detour
Do it! Take a detour! Go to a one o'clock play, peruse a museum at noon, take a long drive up the coast - all on your long lunch hour. It will clear your head refresh your mind to know that while you bask in culture and calm, everyone else is grinding away trying to catch up on those fifty new unread emails and ten blinking voice mails.

4. Skin Brush
The skin in the largest organ in the body and is responsible for 20% of the detox process (70% through breathing, see tip #9, and 10% through your digestive system.) Skin brushing is an easy activity to add to your daily routine.

3. Drink More Tea... or just less caffeine.
I've said that I recently switched from triple soy lattes to chai's at Starbucks. And I feel so much more balanced and less on-edge. I challenge all of you to do a two week coffee detox and see how you feel. Even limiting yourself to one or two coffees a week will create a sense of calm that you can feel. I now only get one latte a week, at Le Pain with a nice Sunday brunch. It is now a treat as opposed to a necessity.

2. Water is a great Healer
Water heals. Drink more water, hydration is a cornerstone of good health. Hot water baths are very healing as well. And for the ultimate water therapy, try the hot/cold immersion technique. Take a hot bath, then do a cold shower- ice cold - then switch back to hot. Do this a few rounds and you will feel your circulation soar!

1. Eat Thanksgiving Dinner more Often.
So this is my favorite wellness tip for the coming year. Eat a Thanksgiving Meal more often. What do I mean? Well as I explained in a recent post, the foods we eat on Thanksgiving are actually quite healthy. On what ordinary night do you eat five types of veggies on one plate?

So that's the first reason, healthy foods! The next reason is that Thanksgiving meals are made from scratch. You are not eating some half-warmed up, processed enzyme-deficient food. It's fresh food, packed with nutrients.
And lastly, on Thanksgiving, you eat at the table, you interact with your family and you are eating mindfully. You are not simply stuffing your face while watching that DVR episode of Grays' and updating your facebook status.

So in 2009, why not try to eat like its 'Thanksgiving' everyday. Or at least on weekends.

Happy wellness in 2009!

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