Tip of the Day: Eat

During these next weeks we are all going to be extra busy. And that means less time and energy spent taking care of ourselves. Not good.

Today I had quite a busy day. Emails to return, errands to run, a reading at the York Theater I really wanted to attend, a deadline to get back for, a painting to touch-up and all this scattered across Manhattan. Six subway rides today (and lots of pavement pounded). Not a second to sit down, not a second to read my email, and even worse-not a second to sit down to eat! It came upon 7pm as I was arriving home and I had eaten nothing all day except....

TWO venti soy chai lattes from Starbucks.

By 7:30pm when my husband got home-I felt it. My adrenalin rush of the day had started to fade and I realized how unbalanced my body was. My tank was empty, but my energy was still high on adrenalin. Not a good combo.

Well it was a fun day, but I learned my lesson on the Starbucks overload (yes, a lesson I've learned before. sigh.)

My advice to you and your family is to plan ahead to plan ahead.

Buy a box of snack sized zip-loc baggies and buy a few boxes and bags of healthy snacks then fill 'em up! (the baggies)

Nuts, puffed cereal, flake cereal, rice crisps, soy crisps, sliced granola or protein bars, dark chocolate bits, real fruit snacks or dried fruit. Mix and match. Have a different snack everyday! Today I got through on those two venti chai's-without giving into a fast food stop, and being a health-conscious vegan there isn't a whole lot of fast food options I can grab. Unless its subway, chipotle, jamba juice, Le Pain or something similar--I rarely eat 'fast food'. But I know many generally healthy people who get stranded in a crowded shopping center, feel hunger strike, and grab whatever greasy crunchy fast food fest they can find. Let's all try and avoid this this holiday season. Having a snack pack hidden away in a coat pocket or in your car just might save you some damage. And at at the end of the day, a fast food frenzy will only make us feel zapped of energy, life and nutrients!

So take it from me...even on a super busy day......two venti soy chai's will not cut it.

....and I know I am not the only one who has done this before.
I spent 3 years in Los Angeles-I think two venti's WAS the coffee bean diet. Not smart girls. And here in NYC, a Starbucks on 'every' corner can be a dangerous thing.


I do love those chai lattes.
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