Sore Winter Muscles? Epsom Salts!

A while back I heard that adding two handfuls of epsom salts to your bath was an excellent way to relieve sore muscles.

Somewhat surprisingly, this epsom salt remedy works incredibly well for me. If my muscles get sore from a strenuous workout or stress, hormonal changes or fatigue, the epsom salt soaks provide a soothing effect. This at-home remedy is one of my favorites to recommend.

Bonus: Epsom salts are a relatively inexpensive wellness tip to try!

Soak in a hot bath with about 2 handfuls of Epsom salts added to the water. Fifteen minutes will do.
You can also soak a towel in salt water and apply directly to a muscle, but I prefer a bath.

Epsom Salt contains magnesium and sulfates. Some research says that modern diets are deficient in the minerals, magnesium and sulfates. Increasing levels of magnesium may help to improve circulatory health, flush toxins and heavy metals from the cells, improve nerve function by regulating electrolytes, raise the body's levels of serotonin (mood enhancer), improve sleep and concentration, regulate the body's enzymes, improve oxygen use, lower blood pressure, reduce muscle pain and inflammation, and help muscles and nerves to function properly. Sulfates are used by the body to flush out toxins, improve the absorption of nutrients, form joint proteins, and to help prevent and ease migraine headaches.

..Of course those are all the pretty intense claims. Truthfully, I would never say that anything is a cure-all, but for me personally, there is just something soothing and beneficial about my epsom salt baths, and since they are pretty cheap, I keep using them. When it comes to wellness you ALWAYS want to consult your doctor and take "claims" with a huge grain of salt.

You can find epsom salts at so many stores form CVS to Whole Foods. I love these Epsom Salts available on Amazon

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