Skin Detox 101

Yesterday I did a post about breathing. I mention that 70% of your bodies' waste products are removed through the breathing process. I also mentioned that 20% of this detox process is done through the largest organ in our bodies, the skin.

The skin? Must know more.

Well now that you are doing some deep breathing throughout the day, here is something you can do to assist the skin in detox process.

It's called skin brushing. And although it sounds simple, it works wonders.


First, buy a bristle body brush. (as pictured) can even get an old, hard 'cheap-hotel' quality towel. The rough fibers will do the trick.

Directions: Move the brushing strokes up from the feet in clockwise circular movements , working your way up the body. Always move towards the heart to help the blood flow in the correct way.

This is an easy, but very beneficial procedure that you can add to your daily wellness regimen.

Skin brushing is a great way to shed dead skin, improve circulation, assist the lymphatic system and promote overall detoxification.

Dry skin craves this process in these harsh dry-air, heater-ridden winter months.
Before your shower, when your skin is dry, do a 90 second skin brush session:

More on body brushes, and facts about brushing here at Raw Food Info, Skin Brush.
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