Skin Brushing 101

Our skin is the window to our soul. And while I know that so many factors go into whether your skin feels 'healthy' or not, there is one thing that is true: we can impact our own health by taking care of the largest organ in our bodies: our skin! Wearing sunscreen is a key way to protect your skin from the elements, but there are ways to take care of it and your body at home. And one practice I love: skin brushing!

Ok, so I get into streaks of brushing. I do it for a few months, then stop for months at a time. It does take a few extra minutes in your day, but doing it at least once a week is a great habit!...

Yesterday I did a post about breathing. I mention that 70% of your bodies' waste products are removed through the breathing process. I also mentioned that 20% of this detox process is done through the largest organ in our bodies, the skin.

The skin? Must know more.

Well now that you are doing some deep breathing throughout the day, here is something you can do to assist the skin in detox process.


First, buy a bristle body brush.

Snag a skin brush on Amazon: Skin Brush*

Directions: Move the brushing strokes up from the feet in clockwise circular movements , working your way up the body. Always move towards the heart.Sometimes I don't do 100% towards the heart, but that's ok, the exfoliation factor is still in play and you are still getting your blood flowing.

I usually take one tot two minutes to skin brush. Fast and easy! Use a high quality, natural body lotion or oil after you bathe so that your skin stays hydrated and silky.

Skin brushing is an easy, but very beneficial procedure that you can add to your daily wellness regimen.

Benefits of Skin Brushing:

Skin brushing is a great way to:

- shed dead skin
- improve circulation
- assist the lymphatic system
- promote wellness by taking time to be with your own body

Do you skin brush? How often do you do it and what have you noticed since starting?

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