Online Social Networking - for Your Toddler

facebook for kidsA new website in the UK called School Together Now, is like Facebook for kids. Really. It allows children, parents and schools to register for their social networking site as young as the age of (wait for it)


3-7 is the youngest available age bracket. Hook them while they are young right?

Says the site:

"Chat, share secrets, swap stories and hang out with friends all on Our site is designed to be fun and safe to keep you returning to it and to keep mum and dad happy!"

I guess it does set a precedent for a new advertising market. Getting those pre-tweeners and even their younger siblings could mean money in the bank for the site-who says it self square ads for as little as ten euros a month.
I'd wait to let the site develop before getting excited (or angry).

But hey, Facebook for kiddies, we all knew it was coming.

I'm just waiting for the Playskool Cell Phone. With babble-n-type texting and one-touch speed dial diaper changing.
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