The New Face of Today's Farmer: Considering Grass-Fed Meat

This is David Evans. He is a farmer. A rancher. But he is not the farmer you read about in Nursery Rhymes. He does not wear a straw hat or a red checkered shirt. His farm doesn't mimic those vintage ads heralding beef as being 'what's for dinner' or pork as 'the new white meat.' David Evans does not sell his product through way of slogans or sale prices, he sells it by way of his values as a farmer - as a human being.

He is no Old McDonald.

His farm Marin Sun Farms is a leader in the new age of American Farming.

Today's farmer is one with a conscience.

Marin Sun Farms caters to today's growing population of a more socially conscience consumer. Meat eaters are seeking more than just a tasty burger. They are seeking grass-fed organic beef, cage-free eggs, antibiotic-free meat and hormone free milk.

Marin Sun Farms promises this:
"We raise our own livestock on our ranch properties in Marin and Sonoma counties.
No animals are ever given artificial growth hormones or stimulants and are guaranteed to be free of antibiotics. We guarantee our ruminant livestock are 100% grass-fed and pasture raised their entire lives, with no consumption of grain, by-product supplements, or ever setting hoof within a confinement feedlot."
This subject is one I have not written about in a while since I haven't eaten meat (by choice) in over ten years. (A few restaurant mishaps involving bacon and sausage...but anyways!) However, I do not live on vegan-island and I am constantly thinking about what are the healthiest, most-humane and environmentally friendly options for fish and meat eaters. I am a huge fan of my husband's love of smoked salmon. It is incredibly healthy.

I do not think a vegetarian lifestyle is for everyone. And thus, I greatly respect a meat-eater with a conscience. That's why when my best friend recently approached me about my thoughts on a grass-fed meat diet, I was very impressed, but not surprised. She said that the simple experience of driving past the sad cow farms in the Bakersfield, California area made her consider switching to only organic/grass fed beef.

It's official! A few sad farm cows will always make you think twice.

So I dusted off my meat-eaters hat and did some research on just how a meat eater goes about finding grass-fed meat.

Grass fed/organic meat is actually a lot healthier than traditional meat. Diamond Organics (They have a lot of grass-fed meat options via mail order) say this:

Grass fed means the animals never eat any grain, just organically produced hay and grass from stream fed meadows. Grass fed meat is lower in calories than meat from grain fed steer. Grass fed beef is also rich in heart-supporting omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), found to help prevent and fight cancer. Our certified organic grass fed beef is produced the healthy way – on a family farm, from a healthy herd.

An amazing resource website is Eat Wild. Whatever you seek to know, find or research about grass fed meat, this site will have your answer:

Also for those of you in then San Francisco area of California, this Yelp conversation had a few interesting responses about where to dine:

So I applaud anyone willing to look at what is on their plate: meat, fish, veggies, grains or fast food, and question just what they are eating - and how it came to be their food in the first place. I hope as consumers we are evolving to reconsider everything we shop for, eat, use or consume in today's complex and not always forthcoming world we live in.
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