Mashed Cauliflower: Video Recipe, Dani Spies

So I love Dani Spies, (pronounces SPEES). She has a huge database on online video recipes. I posted this one for the "world's greatest sandwich" a while back. I wanted to share this new video recipe with you. I am a huge fan of creative ideas for preparing cauliflower. A few gourmet restaurants in NYC have been adding cauliflower dishes to their menu. Such as Savoy in SoHo, adding a CARAMELIZED CAULIFLOWER to their appetizers. Yum. Counter, an organic restaurant in NYC has an amazing cauliflower risotto. It uses cauliflower instead of rice! Genius!
So this simple recipe from Dani really made my day.
Check it out and give it a try. Warm this dish up and it would go great with anything on a cold winter night.
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