If You Didn't Have to Cook, Would You?

* Creamy Fettuccine
Does Rachel Ray put you to shame?

Don't feel bad.

Apparently, in a HuffPost article, the first lady isn't so hot in the kitchen either.

It makes for an interesting question:

If you didn't have to cook for yourself, would you?

I can't imagine hiring a personal chef to feed my family. There is something very nurturing when my husband comes home after a long hard day and it is my delicious spread that greets him. Even a simple snack of cookies and cocoa wouldn't satisfy if not made with love.

I always enjoyed how Martha Stewart would scold her show guests if they would bring her a gift that they didn't make from scratch themselves. A local news anchor once brought her cookies from his favorite uptown bakery. She went off on him! It was great. She was insulted that he paid cash for cookies, one of Martha's favorite things to make yourself.

I recently read that Angelina Jolie is among the Hollywood mothers who religiously uses a private chef.

Maybe I am simply nostalgic to my moms home-cooked meals of lasagna, taco night, and those Saturday morning spreads featuring sometimes lumpy cream-of-wheat and a tad burnt fresh-apple-pancakes. No matter what the food flaw, I only noticed how hard my lovingly mom worked. And love makes everything taste good.

Go on Laura, your kids are grown, but I'll bet President Bush would get a lot of joy from a signature Laura Bush meal. Burnt edges and all.

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