It's Cookie Season!

I don't know exactly why, but my favorite thing about the month of December is the fact that I know I will be baking a few batches of delicious, festive, warm and gooey cookies. The urge to bake cookies is a strange one. It brings me joy. Although I don't really know why. It is kind've the same feeling I get when I am oil painting. I look forward to it. I plan what I am going to do when I do it. I dream about it. I get prepped to do it. And in a form of fun meditation, I spend two or three hours painting. And in this case, an hour or so cookie baking. It gives me a festive, comforting feeling. The yummy vanilla-peanut butter smell doesn't hurt either... can't say that about painting though. They really should make cookie-scented turpentine.

And yet I consider the fact that it is still a good helping of 'unnecessary' work to oil paint and bake cookies. I certainly don't need to do these things with the many to-do's already on my list. And I certainly don't get paid to bake cookies or oil paint. But this time of year, I get so much satisfaction from these activities. And in the end...I think taking a little 'me' time to do these things makes me a much better wife, sister, friend and professional.

My favorite cookies??
Decorating sugar and gingerbread cookies is my favorite festive group or pair activity.
Peanut butter chocolate-chip has to be a traditional favorite.
Unique favorite you must try: Oatmeal mint-chip. It's a blend of oatmeal cookie meets chocolate chip. But you have to seek out the rare and delicious MINT-chocolate chip. Especially around the holidays, they are a very refreshing after-meal treat.

Holiday Cookie Party Idea
And I heard a great tip from HGTV. Have a festive holiday Cookie Party! It is a great way to celebrate the holidays with a warm, friendly, non-pretentious theme. So many holiday party's can be stressful and up-tight. But here's the rules....
1. Everyone brings a dozen cookies.
2. Everyone leaves with a to-go baggie of a dozen mixed cookies!
(I think the host prepares extra so that there can be some nibbling at the party of course.)

Healthy Cookie Baking Tip!
You can add healthy bits and nibs to your favorite traditional cookie recipe. Yes nuts and oatmeal are great. But a few untraditional additions? Mashed pumpkin, chopped fresh banana, fresh cooked cranberries, honey-puffed wheat cereal, sliced strawberries, crumbled roasted chestnuts.

Do you have any quirky cookie add-ins you love?

Later I will be posting my cookie recipe and a few photos as well....
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