Pumpkin Butter Lover

So I was craving some pumpkin butter on my seven-grain bagel.

I had some tofu cream cheese. But it was missing something.

So I took a stroll down the jam, jelly and "butter" aisle at Whole Foods Market.

Wow. They have a lot of butters to choose from...

Pumpkin butter, peach butter, ginger spread, apple chutney, lemon curd, berry spread, winter compote, spiced nut chutney, cranberry butter, strawberry butter, almond butter, honey butter and many, many more.


I stuck to my original craving and bought some pumpkin butter.

Here's my easy recipe:

Pumpkin Butter CC Bagels

toast a bagel.

Spread a bit of vegan cream cheese. I love Kite Hill.

Spread a bit of pumpkin butter.

Add apple slices, olive oil, chopped onion, salt and pepper to taste. (Trust me it all works.)

Enjoy with a side of hot spiced chai, coffee or matcha.

Fave pumpkin butter recipe: Jack-o-Pumpkin

Or try: Pumpkin Butter Quesadillas -- so good!
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