Hot Yoga 101: It Better Be Getting Hot in Here!

Here are a few of the health benefits of HOT YOGA, from Quick Fit Yoga:

* Your body burns fat more effectively.
* The heat produces a fluid-like stretch allowing for greater range of movement in joints, muscles and ligaments. Less injury risk when your body is more flexible.
* Capillaries dilate in the heat; more effectively oxygenating the tissues, muscles, glands and organs and helping in the removal of waste products.
* Circulation improves.
* Your metabolism speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids.
* You benefit from a strengthening of concentration and determination in the challenging environment.
* Sweating promotes detoxification and elimination through the skin - which is the body's largest eliminating organ.
* Your nervous system functions at a heightened state of awareness.
* Metabolism improves in your digestive system.

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