Holiday Season: Something to Anticipate

The hype. It gets to me every year. It's gives me flashbacks of those days as a child when I would eagerly count down the days, one by one, to our holiday ski trips to Lake Tahoe, California. I'd use my big black marker and cross off each passing day. I'd begin gathering my ski gear weeks in advance-placing it in a tidy pile by my bed, as a reminder of things to come. My pink neck warmer, my blue fleece hat, my glossy diamond white ski parka, my brand new green tinted ski goggles-and my navy blue racer skis. I was be ready. I couldn't wait to get on top of that giant mountain at Heavenly Ski Resort and swiftly glide down the white powder hills--a shimmering icy blue lake in the distance and white frosted alpine trees all around me.

The anticipation for the trip was always half the fun.

So even today, it seems like half the magic of the holidays is in the anticipation of it all. The lights, music and festive events are all seemingly leading up to a few big celebration dates-like a rushing roller coaster rising up a steep track. Then zoom! Suddenly it's all over. January 2nd comes, and the party lights are out.

So I am here to remind you that the holiday season is here-right now--let the anticipation endorphins begin!

Everyone should have something to look forward to. Do you?

A dinner with friends. A holiday work party. A fire-lit Christmas Eve gift exchange. A ski trip. A holiday concert. A road trip to find some snow. An ice skating date. A holiday wedding to attend. A cookie exchange party. A gingerbread house baking session. A do-nothing-but-sled-and-drink-cocoa day....

Have something on your calendar to cross off those days to! Even with tricky economic times, the simplest of events can have a profound impact on your spirit. Snowball fight in your front yard. Enough said.

My 'Can't Wait' Events....

I feel lucky to say that I have a few dates already on my list. A special Christmas Eve dinner out with my husband. Last year we went to Felidia's and it was warm and elegantly perfect. This years location is still undecided though...any recommendations from the new yorkers? And New Years Eve last year was a fun Baltimore wedding weekend we attended. This year? Again, undecided. But I know it will be something to anticipate.

The performer in me always has to attend at least a few holiday performances. Those Holiday jazz choir Madrigal Dinners back in high school have burnt about thirty traditional and more-interestingly, obscure holiday songs into my brain...and it always gives me a thrill to hear someone else singing them now. Noel Nouvelet, Masters of the Hall, Here We Come a Caroling, My Dancing Day, Wassail, O My Heart, The Flaming Pudding Song...anyone? Anyone? So I love a good holiday show...or even a few spirited carolers... Heck, a sub-par church play will do if I get desperate! But being in NYC, I have a plethora of impressive options... I am thrilled to say that one of my favorite Broadway performers, James Barbour is putting on a holiday concert at Sardi's in NYC. I already received my tickets in the mail.
(Hard copy tickets-always a plus for anticipation fun.)
If you are in the city, you should check it out! I give my personal guarantee that his show will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy and festive. James is awesome. He is one of those all-around-amazing-performers. You leave his shows not only admiring his heaping spoonfuls of talent, but also admiring him. Tickets are $25-$60. See the site for details-and soon.

There are even a few movies I am anticipating. Revolutionary Road for one.

So I suggest that you calm the "must-buy-presents" stress by sticking a few festive friend-and-family events on your calendar.

And parents out there--I honestly don't remember most all of the gifts I received as a child...but those family memories of mountaintop ski bliss are crystal clear.
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