Have You Breathed Today?

Oxygen is the most important chemical in your body.
70% of our bodies 'waste products' are removed through breathing. (20% through skin, 10% digestive system) Breathing exercises have been found to be effective in reducing generalized anxiety disorders, depression, irritability, muscle tension, headaches, poor concentration and fatigue.

Many of us do not breath correctly for maximum health benefits. If you stop and observe your breaths, they will most likely be short, inconsistent and shallow.

Take a 60 second breathing break now!

Close your eyes. (read this first...)
Breath in deeply through your mouth, for 5 counts.
Breath out slowly through your mouth for 5 counts.

Repeat once.

Breath in through your nose for 5 counts.
Breath out through your mouth for 5 counts.

Repeat twice.

Breath in through nose for 7 counts.
(Hold for ten seconds.)
Breath out through mouth for 10 counts.

Repeat once.


You have just completed a session of deep cleansing breaths. As a result you have detoxified and hopefully energized your mind and body.

Do this throughout the day to ensure your breaths are doing their job to keep your body balanced and detoxed.
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