Fun Facts About Fruits and Veggies

Do you love fruit and veggie facts just as much as I do??? then you need to hop over to my Lunchbox Bunch page that I created a long time ago and check out my pics and fun facts!

Here are a few...

Fun Fact: WOW! There are over 70,000 varieties of mushrooms! (250 are edible)

Fun Fact: Woah! Did you know that grape juice is really good for your blood vessels!

Fun Fact: Interesting! Iceberg Lettuce used to be called Crisphead Lettuce until farmers started storing it in ice. The name just stuck!

Fun Fact: Yum. Kiwi's have 120% RDA of vitamin C! (And you can actually eat the skin...if you don't mind the fuzz...)

More Fun Facts with Fun images, HERE
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