Doctor Eats Only Organic For Three Years...

This story of a doctor who eats nothing but organic foods for three years, (three years because that is how long it takes for a farm/factory animal to be deemed organic), caught my eye.

Interesting topic, this "certified organic," government-label thing is.

As a child, I wondered why the produce my family grew in our tiny backyard garden looked and tasted so drastically different from the produce we would buy at our supermarket.

The green apples I would pick from our tree were dense, firm yet tender, always juicy yet crisp with a bright tangy-tart flavor. Never dull. The waxy, bright fluorescent green apples from the supermarket never measured up.

The tomatoes I picked always smelled of thick green tomato vine and when cut, juice, seeds and pulp came gushing out. There was a zingy acidic-sweet flavor in each bright red slice.

The tomatoes from the store were sometimes too soft or firm, and mealy in texture. And never that same candy apple red color.

I didn't yet understand that the 'lives' of the produce in the store versus my garden were drastically different.

Fresh picked and quickly eaten; versus, picked, sorted, cold-stored, shipped, laid-out, boxed and sold. Watered with care in small quantities; versus, mass-produced.

Organic food stems from an idea: home-grown. Organic is spontaneous, natural. Not constructed or planned.

I am certainly a fan of organic versus non-organic. On all levels, from societal to nutritional. But sometimes I wonder about a highly structured and regulated system which governs over 'certified organic farming'. It defeats the purpose.

Those apples and tomatoes I picked in my backyard as a child were indeed 100% organic. Yet I am certain that if I had filed an application to certify my yard --some government official would've denied it.

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