Busy Day Bagel Sandwich

...Pizza bagels are awesome too.

There are so many ways to turn a simple bagel into a hearty sandwich. I love cream cheese from Kite Hill. Veggies, avocado, a sprinkle or nuts or seeds, spices and lemon juice. So many options!

Well this is a busy day bagel sandwich that I made a while back...

Busy days call for easy lunches. This recipe can't get any easier. The boring bagel and cream cheese can easily be spiced up and revamped to become a tasty lunch.

Toast your bagel.

Add Vegan Cream Cheese.

Drizzle some olive oil on top of the bagel.

Next the toppings:
Combine any and all of the following or more...
sliced red onion
sliced apple
romaine lettuce
sliced tomato
sliced pear
sliced mushrooms
spread pumpkin butter
spread cherry or cranberry sauce
sliced avocado
sliced radishes
...what else?

The funnest part is using your creativity to customize your bagel to suit your tastes. Bagels are much more forgiving than sandwich bread for experimentation. Bagels hold heartier ingredients and won't wilt in the face of...a lot of toppings!

Another bagel sandwich I love: Guaco-Mango Bagel

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