Americans Working More, Playing Less: Poll

A new survey shows that adults are working more, playing less. Much less. Twenty percent less!

Wow, a twenty percent drop off in play time this year? That's harsh. I think 'play' time, whatever that may mean to you, is crucial to a productive day. When I take time to play, I find that I am much more happy, productive and creative minded at work.

Here's an idea. Make a list of twenty things that you do to play. Then over the next week try and get each of those activities in, just once!

Lets not let this trend of slacking on playtime. Even if times are indeed tough.

Here are a few playtime ideas: reading, cookie baking, painting, sports, taking a stroll without a destination, gardening, taking a bubble bath with extra bubbles, playing with your kids or pets, attending a movie, scrap-booking, crosswords, napping, photography, perusing a bookstore, yoga, attending a theater or musical show, dancing, or even meditating.

Hey, Madonna said it best, "..If we took a holiday, took some time to would be alright!"
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