Ten Years of Sugar-Free Students

We all love cake and sweets and all those yummy sort of dessert things, right? Well check out this inspiring article..

The children in this cafeteria shovel corn kernels on their sporks and munch on tuna sandwiches on wheat.

I'm impressed.

But does it work? And at what cost to "childhood joys," like ice cream parties?

My favorite quote from this story: "Browns Mill fifth-grader Cori Bostic said she would prefer honeydew, watermelon or cantaloupe to cake anyway."A childhood without cookies, candy and rampant hot fudge sundae parties? Sounds sad doesn't it? Well, maybe not so sad at all. Maybe we CAN replace sugar-frosted birthday cupcakes with bowls full of tropical fruit salads, honey and fluffy fruit-filled strawberry-peach muffins. Side of coconut banana fruit smoothies? Doesn't sound that sad to me...

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