Local NYC Review: Russ and Daughters

No its not vegan (and I am), and no I don't eat the famous smoked salmon (I know, booo me)...but my husband does (and habitually)...but I have plenty of options at this true to New York, long time counter shop. They have been in the same location since 1914. Not too shabby.
Located at 179 Houston Street on the Lower East Side of NYC, Russ and Daughters is simply amazing. This store has been around for a very long time, but remains authentic old school NYC. I luckily live very close by and must admit I stop in here 1-2 times a week. I am vegan, but my husband LOVES the smoked salmon. It is the best he has ever had. And the smoked salmon makes it very easy for me to indulge his fish cravings without even cooking or preparing fish! It's great for a couple like us.
Plus they have amazing yummies for me. I get a small container of the scallion tofu cream cheese and about six bagels and bialy's.
Plus most the employees have been working there for a long time, are incredibly friendly and helpful and even accommodating to all the typical tourist questions I constantly overhear like "So what is the best salmon here?" "So what are you guys famous for anyways?" "Doesn't Martha come here a lot?"

So, I love this place. Thank Gosh I live close. If you don't live nearby, they do an amazing mail order service.
Other great treats in there: Try the fresh orange juice too--it is the best in the city. All their specialty preserves and jams are over-the-top delicious. Dried fruits are top notch. Logo to-go bags and even t-shirts for the fanatical foodie. Wear your Russ shirt with pride, I say.

Ps . It gets very busy on weekends and any holiday--so plan ahead and go mid-morning on a weekday so you can get a good look around without feeling rushed or claustrophobic (as the place is nice and tiny!) And bialy's always sell out before the bagels, so plan ahead if you NEED bialy's.

PS...They even have a BLOG now! How exciting for all those hardcore RUSS fans out me.
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