A Tale of Two Cities Musical: Broadway Review

OK, so just what does a BROADWAY SHOW review of A TALE OF TWO CITIES have to do with health and wellness?? A LOT! Last night I was thrilled to see the new Broadway musical A TALE.... And while I last-minute galloped off to the theatre with my husband in tow, unsure if we would like what we saw, I was INCREDIBLY MOVED by the performances of the entire cast! What a passionate, uplifting and powerful show it was. I was especially impressed with the actor JAMES BARBOUR who played the role of Sydney Carton. His performace broke through the gloom and repitition of these pre-election days and brought me into a cloud of stardust, orange sunsets and gritty streetlevel HOPE.

...thus where HEALTH and WELLNESS come on for more on this...
As I mentioned, I was inspired by this show. At a time in our society when we are often left feeling blue, gloomy or simply uninspired I am the first one to offer up a NONTRADITIONAL solution to the mix of prescription drugs, fad diets and other trendy quick-fix methods to boost your MOOD BODY AND SOUL.

Kathy's Rx: Go engage yourself in some ART. If you live in NYC, go see a Broadway show. Or head out to a hometown play. Browse an art gallery, attend a choir concert, round up a group of holiday carolers, or even attend a local high school play. It is not enough to simply see movie though. Live stage shows are the BEST Rx for an ailing spirit. Really. I left the show feeling like I was on a cloud, and I danced down the rainy NYC streets to the subway and back home. For an evening, I actually FORGOT about all the election woes, financial problems and health catastrophes in the world. My spirit was renewed and my mind purified.

I ask you, what PILL or DIET or HAPPY MEAL can do that????

...And yes take you kids--over the age 10 I should think--to see A TALE on Broadway. And kids will LOVE shows like THE LITTLE MERMAID AND LION KING.

Again ...kudos to the TALE OF TWO CITIES CAST. And all this month they are participating in BROADWAY CARES. So check it all out...and give yourself and your family a little BROADWAY-THERAPY......


PS--A bit more on James Barbour: Mr. Barbour was formerly 'the beast' in Beauty in the Beast--among other roles on stage. His interpretation of Carton-an off-beat, terribly flawed not-so-leading drunk of a man--was top notch. It was a cross between Johnny Depp in PIRATES with a touch of the PHANTOM mixed in. A lesser actor could easily screw up this role--but Barbour was stunning. His voice is traditional, romantic, passionate and vibrant. It reaches out and grabs you by the heart.

I wonder.... why doesn't the TALE cd have James Barbour's voice on it??? I should hope they re-release a new recording...
Also, if Broadway ever opens a show based on the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies...James Barbour would make an excellent CAPTAIN SPARROW... wouldn't he???!

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