Friendly Bacteria: Top Five Probiotic Products

I despise taking pills. Therefore, taking a capsule, pearl or pill as my probiotic supplement just isn't for me. Luckily, there are a plethora of yummy and effective superfood-style probiotic products--that are all easy to swallow.
Read on for the top five list!

Before we begin... DID YOU KNOW--->The National Yogurt Association has criteria for “live and active cultures.” The finished yogurt product must contain at least 1 billion live lactic acid bacteria per gram at the time of manufacture, and the cultures must stay active throughout the stated shelf life. If yogurt is heat-treated after the culturing process, the active cultures are destroyed.

It's the yogurt product endorsed by Jamie Lee Curtis. It promises to help with digestive regularity. However, it doesn't have a milk-free option. So this product is not a choice for lactose-intolerant and vegan folks.
Another drawback--the product only says it contains "significant amounts" of active cultures. So you don't really know the strength level of the product.

4. Naked Juice Probiotics
The very popular NAKED Juice brand has come out with a probiotic juice blend. Easy to take and in delicious flavors like Very Berry and Tropical Mango. However--again they only say "billions" of culture. No number is given. And not dairy free...

3. Good Belly Juice and Juice shots
Good Belly gives a number of 20 billion active cultures per serving. Impressive. The juice and shots are easy to drink and come in interesting flavors like blueberry acai and strawberry rosehips. The shots are also fortified with vitamins and minerals. A great value for all the nutrition you get.
Oh and all Good Belly products are DAIRY FREE!

2. Attune Foods, bars
Hate yogurt? Not a fan of sweet juice? Well how about chocolate??? Attune bars are 100 calorie refrigerated chocolate bars that contain 5 times the amount of probiotics in regular yogurt. So that means at least 5 billion active cultures, Plus they are dairy free! Try mint chocolate or dar chocolate or even chocolate crisP. About 99 cents per bar.


Hardcore probiotics. Available in dairy free, kid-friendly and regular--this is the BEST probiotic product I have found. It has 50 billion active cultures in one small shot sized serving! But it will cost you...Each shot is around $3.45-$4. But if you're getting 50 times the healthy bacteria than in regular yogurt...its quite a deal. Try it and you'll be amazed. Find retailers on their website.

---Note that you will need to take probiotics for at least a week before noticing a great improvement in your digestive and immune system



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