My Favorites: Munchies!

I trekked across town. Took two stinky subway trains. Got off at the wrong stop and had to hike through a Friday morning tourist-packed Times Square. Went down the wrong street-twice. Mistook 43rd street for 40th street. Turned around. Went the wrong way on 6th Avenue. Then finally made it..... to where you ask? Read on to find out my favorite thing. Hint: It was well worth the trek across NYC from the LES to Bryant Park--even if it was a "PAIN" in the bum..... What is it that I trekked across town for? My favorite thing to munch on in the mornings-- that I simply can't make myself???

A Le PAIN Quotidien Vegan Blueberry Muffin! (Pronounce moofin in these parts). It is chewy yet moist. Crumbly yet firm. The sugary top goes perfectly with the caramel colored whole grain moist inside. Those little perfect blueberries scattered throughout. I always buy six at once--and freeze them for the week. I carry them home in a secure tote as if they are little chunks of gold. Clusters of healthy deliciousness. Anyone who has trekked through Times Square on a FRIDAY....knows these muffins must be good....

Everyone has munchie favorites... what are yours??? Here are a few more of mine:


Muffin: (Duh) Le Pain's Vegan Blueberry Muffin
Runner up: Strawberry-Peach from Angelika Cafe

Smoothie: Papaya Paradise from Liquiteria in NYC (Added: Spirulina and Aloe Vera)
Runner Up: Jamba Juice Acai Antioxidant, no sherbet-sub blueberries (Added: Vita and energy boosts)

Delivery Meal: Caravan of Dreams (NYC) Tofu-pesto sandwich, hot soup of the day, coconut water, side of rice and seitan, oh and maybe some carrot cake. (Don't forget the extra lemon-basil dressing!! Closed face too!)
Runner Up: GoBo in NYC's West Village...but they don't deliver in my range anymore....booooo! I miss that Butternut Squash Risotto and Seitan Skewers with mustard sauces....!

Movie Munchies: Popcorn--no butter! One or two twizzlers--stolen from my date, aka husband.

Under $15, To-Go Dinner, even though its out of delivery range: Cafeteria's Vegan Veggie Burger (nyc, Chelsea). It's delicious.
Runner up: Dare I say, Chipotle? Rice, beans, veggies, guac, salsa and lettuce.....none of the "bad" stuff I assure you. (Sigh, I miss real California mexican food though...)

Coffee: Gimme Coffee!'s Soy Latte. Best coffee downtown.
Runner Up: Le Pain's large soy latte. (All over the world-thank goodness!) (Can I get a muffin with that?)
(sorry Starbucks)...try coming out with that soy Frapp and maybe we can talk...

Interesting-Non-Mainstream Dining Experience: The Kitchen Club in nyc.
Runner Up: Blossom in nyc.
Outside of nyc: Vix in Miami and (Palapas in Santa Cruz, CA....for sentimental reasons!)

Favorite Food on the Beach: Delivered-to-my-Umbrella Garlic Hummus and Pita from Delano's Blue Door/Sky...something South Beach, Miami Florida. (Delano is also my favorite hotel in the world....but this is the favorite munchies list.)

Favorite Pizza: Pizza Paradiso in Georgetown, DC
Runner Up: Lombardi's in NYC.....but only on Halloween--sangria included.

Favorite "Dress up" Restaurant: Morimoto in nyc...also Le Bernadin can't be beat...
Runner Up: Felidia in nyc, or Vix in South Beach.

I'm running out of favorites right now, but there are so many more..

Last but not least:

Favorite Beverage: Fresh Young Coconut Water from Organic Avenue in nyc
Runner Up: Acai Juice from Samzabon brand. (In the original purple bottle)

...What are YOUR fav's????? I'd love to hear them in the comments section!

Happy Friday--my third favorite day of the week.
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