Healthy Top Ten: Grilling Fruit

Labor Day is this weekend, so it may be your last chance at a true summertime BBQ.
So here's a water-cooler question: What are the top ten BEST fruit options for the grill? Read on to see if your top-ten list matches ours...

My official end-of-summer list of fruit that tastes great grilled. Here it is:

Top Ten Fruits to "Throw" on the Grill

10. Nectarines
9. Apples
8. Papaya
7. Apricots
6. Pears
5. Peaches
4. Figs
3. Bananas
2. Mango

..and #1 is...

1. Pineapple!

(You can't beat a thick slice of grilled pineapple to top off a veggie burger. (The non-vegans will even love a slice of fresh fruit on their burger...although I recommend the veggie burger option!)Add some salsa and mango chutney and you are in grillers heaven!

Do you have any other fruit ideas to add to my list?

Did I forget something yummy? Add it to the comments...

Happy Grilling.

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