Got Your Vacation?

Its the end of July...its hot....its humid...everyone seems to be "taking a week off" to go frolic on a white sandy shore and bask in clear yellow sun rays--the sound of crashing glassy aqua waves in the background.....

But wait. Where's your vacation???

Are you feeling a little left out? Are you finding yourself slumped over your desk at 7pm muttering to yourself, "I need a vacation. I need a vacation. I need a vacation."

Well stop the dreary chanting and start giving yourself the vacation you deserve....without leaving your desk.....hmmm there must be a through to read more....

OK so if you are missing out on that "TROPICAL ISLAND PARADISE VACATION" this year...blame it on the horrendous airline system and gas prices....

here are a few steps to stop the pity-party and start a little self relaxation.

1. BUY an AMAZING body oil..I recommend the ESPA brand in the FITNESS blend fragrance.

---the next step is to keep this oil at your desk and rub it on your temples, over your arms and hands and elbows whenever you need a little pick-me-up. (ESPA is the same brand that the glorious Mandarin Oriental Hotel chain uses in its world-class spas)

2. DEEP BREATHING/VISUALIZATION/ALL THAT HIPPY STUFF....So I know you hate to hear it, but deep breathing and visualization can work wonders for your mind/body and spirirt. So stop the "I need a vacation" chanting and close you eyes, inhale through you nose slowly and picture your favorite relaxing spot. A warm sandy beach, a cool lava rock by a waterfall, a cool misty bamboo forrest....a hotel pool..whatever gives your that "ahhhhh" feeling.

3. LUNCHBREAK--Vacation...Cut the soup and salad and go for a tropical island lunch! Order a pineapple-mango smoothie or a grilled pineapple veggie burger. Stick a Coconut Water in the fridge and drink it when you are feeling thirsty. Snack on macadamia nuts and dried papaya. Chug acai or a bit of POG---(if you can find it!)

Overall the point is to not get down on yourself if you are not able to jet to FIJI this season. It will just make your next getaway that much better....and you should feel good about not being one of the vacationers to pay $600 a night for a hotel room or $1500 for roundtrip airfare. Your desktop vacay should be under $20!



Will Kids Eat Simple Food?

Skipping down the aisle at my local NYC Whole Foods market I cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the amount of marketing hyjinx that surround me left to right, toe to tip top of my head. Blue bunny's selling crackers, laughing cow's selling cheese, swimming ducks selling cookies and even a bright red Elmo character selling oatmeal. Is this what our food has evolved to? Have we forgotten the entire point of healthy eating? It's not about the "experience"--its about the food. Every box and bottle seems to be selling something other than the actual food:


Vitamin Water sells everything from energy to relaxation to mental focus. So it makes me wonder--why even bother with "real food" when I can drink my happiness and eat it too!

Kid and adult food packaging has gotten out of control. How will kids ever learn the true meaning of food if all they crave is the box with the seven foot yellow bird on it??


I dare you to do a marketing test on your own kids:
Put in front of them several foods. One of which is in its original form and one of which is branded and marketed with characters, colors or toys. Try this:
Gather, an apple-sliced by hand.
A glass of milk or chocolate milk (soy, almond, dairy or rice milk).
A glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.
A hand made peanut butter and sandwich-using organic low in sugar ingredients.
And a bowl of handmade trail mix--even with a few dark chocolate chips in it.

Then on the other side of the table place a character-branded juice box.
A character branded milk box (same flavor as used above.
One of those welches kid-branded freezer section pb and j sandwiches (loaded in sugar)
And a kid-branded granola bar--maybe even without any chocolate chips!

...Now let them choose! Free will!

If your child chooses all the healthy non-branded items---bravo to you, lunch can be served!

...But if your kid is only human, and chooses the marketed, glittered and less-healthy options, you can continue the exercise with a taste test...

Try a blind taste test of all the ingredients.

Then ask your child which they preferred in taste.

If they choose the healthy stuff-yay for pure young taste buds.
But if they have a taste for the less healthy items, you've got a bit more work to do. Next, try explaining to your child which items are loaded with sugar and which items are healthy in vitamins and nutrients that will help them grow strong!


And next time you go to the store, spend a lot of time in the non-branded fruit and veggies sections--and try to spark some interest and curiosity in you child for healthier options. You can even print out a CIRCLE-IT GROCERY LIST featuring the Lunchbox Bunch characters.