Surf Lodge. Be a Beach Bum.

I was excited to hear that 3,000 miles away from sunny, sandy Santa Cruz California where I grew up--with crisp ocean air and surfers at every tide pool--there was a new hotel opening--and in my own backyard of NYC. In Montauk New York--AKA The Hamptons--THE SURF LODGE looks like a Hawaii/Maui/Malibu/Santa Cruz love child of sorts. Craving that utter zen that is "being a beach bum," I decided to check it out. Oh did I mention that the executive chef is none other than Sam Talbot--of Top Chef fame..... So after checking out the newly posted website--I see that the new LODGE does look promising. Gourmet beach food. A salon. A very cool looking shuttle car that resembles an old beach jeep. Plenty of colorful surfboards (although I don't think the waves are very "Kelly Slater-ish" and a chill perky patio complete with patio furniture in luau colors.....maybe Kelly Slater would be hanging out drinking a mojito--but probably not visiting for the killer waves in The Hamptons.....

So what does this have to do with health and wellness? Well quite simply, it involves FINDING YOUR "HAPPY".

For me, happiness is a cool breeze, ocean air, the sound of crashing waves, soft sand and of course bright beautiful sunshine bursting through a blue sky--seagulls chirping in the distance. -----Cut to me in my NYC apartment, the sound of garbage trucks echoing on the street below--a symphony of taxi horns outside.

Yet just knowing that a few miles away is a somewhat fantasy land of a place where I can recall my very own HAPPY--ZEN--CALM.

Figure out what your HAPPY is and peruse your very own backyard for it. Living in LA and dreaming of the mountains of Colorado? Check out a trail in the Santa Monica mountains. Yearning for a glittering sky and city lights as far as the eye can see--as you sit on your quiet porch listening to chirping grasshoppers? Do a little digging and I'm sure you can find the energy you crave.

The point is to never give up on your state of mind. Wellness is all about knowing yourself and being able to fulfill your own needs when you are feeling a bit down. Never settle for boredom.

Never settle for unhappy. Never.

(And if I go check out Chef Sam Talbots cuisine first hand--I will be sure to let you all know...)

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