Superfood: Goji Berry Secret!

If you are reading up on the latest SUPER FOODS and health trends you have probably heard of Goji Berries.

Research has shown that these super power berries can:
-Protects cells from premature aging through its powerful antioxidant action.
-Increases your energy and strength
-Promotes normal blood sugar
-Supports cardiovascular and heart health
-Immune support
-Higher in Vitamin C than oranges.

What's in a Goji Berry?
Goji Berries are a powerhouse of nutrition. 
The tiny red berries contain 18 of the 20 protein-building amino acids. They are also rich in complex polysaccharides, unique low-glycemic long-chain sugars which are currently being researched for their healing properties.

When grown under ideal conditions, goji berries are rich in disease-preventing polyphenols and flavonoids and are over 20% fiber. They contain more vitamin C than oranges, more beta-carotene than carrots, more calcium than broccoli and more antioxidants than any other food." 

The Goji Berry Secret
..I promised a it is.

A while back I bought Goji berry juice, after reading all the hype.  I also bought some dried berries and even a weird super goji tonic. I tried them all...excited about adding a new superfood to my diet...and BLAH!!!! I wasn't impressed with the raw eat from the package or bottle products.  
Hmmm....what to do?  Such a healthy berry must be eaten joyfully somehow!

....Then I discovered the secret to consuming goji berries with pleasure......

...Soften them up! 
The dry raw berries are quite tart and tangy and almost too strong to eat plain-although they do make a good trail mix ingredient...
but softened goji berries are divine! It's like raw garlic compared to roasted garlic,  much more mellow and palatable. When you rehydrate goji berries,  they really become tastier.
So my secret tips for goji berry bliss:

**drop a handful of dried berries in your morning tea...
*Add a few to a moist chocolate pudding
*Add to cream of wheat or oatmeal--as you would raisins.
* Or even add a few to plain soy milk--allow to soften...then add to a fruit smoothie

...the taste is soft and mellow and sweet tart and yum.

....The tea suggestion is the easiest and it only takes a few seconds for the berries to soften up in hot tea.

I love goji berries in my morning green tea.

ps...for some reason Goji berries--warmed and softened taste GREAT with raw walnuts....a little oatmeal  or cereal tip.
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