Coconut Water 101: For those of you who haven't heard.....

If you know me, you've probably received the COCONUT WATER TALK.

Coconut water is the endosperm inside of fresh young green coconuts. Not the well known matured brown coconuts.

So, why should you try this beverage?

*Very high source of POTASSIUM--the most per serving, even better than bananas or sports drinks like Gatorade.
**Low in calories, light and refreshing. Only 60 calories per serving.
**Studies have shown that it is an isotonic beverage...
Coconut Water has the same electrolytic balance as human blood: It's Isotonic!
**Coconut Water has a very high level of Manganese which is essential for bone growth and the body's development; 2-5mg a day is required for good health. Manganese supplements are used to treat Osteoporosis.
**Tastes delicious. Savory. "Like chips!" one of my close friends said...Coconut Water is not coconut milk. It is not white or super sweet and does not contain any fat--this is not coconut oil.
**CW shares the same electrolytic balance as human blood, and during World War II when IV solutions were scarce, CW was used as an IV drip for patients in hospitals and clinics.
Overall, I am addicted to Coconut Water.

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