Meditating Mushroom + My Mushroom Recipes!


Mushroom Recipes on the blog!..
1. No-Cream of Mushroom Soup Rich and creamy soup. So flavorful and soothing. If you love a true mushroom soup, this is your go-to recipe!

2. Mushroom Marinara Melt Sandwich - Flavorful hot sandwich mingling marinara with skillet portobellos.

3. Vegan Shiitake Bacon - A mushroom spin on vegan bacon!

4. Vegan "Clam" Chowder - This creamy cashew-based soup uses mushrooms to add flavor and 'clam' texture.

5. Baked Rosemary Mushroom Fries with dipping sauce - Love this mushroom appetizer using mushroom fries. The dipping sauce is so good.

6. Mushroom Breakfast Sandwich - Breakfast just got better when it is mushroom-infused!

7. Mushroom Philly Cheese Sandwich - Totaly favorite in our house! This "Philly Cheese" is vegan and loaded with melty-amazing flavor.

8. Sweet Potato Mushroom Quesadillas - These flavorful quesadillas do not even need cheese!

9. Easy Vegan Portobello Pizzas - This is a fun way to make crust-free pizzas using mushroom caps! You will be amazed how much you do not miss the crust! And how easy these are. Fun to make too!

10. Mushroom-Chickpea Hazelnut Tart - Holiday perfect vegan tart!

11. Teriyaki Portobello Burgers - These veggie burgers with homemade teriyaki sauce and pineapples are super flavorful and summer-perfect.

12. Purple Winter Bowl with Maitake - Fun and colorful bowl for winter meals.

13. Sunny Mushroom Burgers
- I adore these veggie burgers! Mushrooms make the best, most tender burgers.

14. Spicy Peanut-Portobello Kale Rice Bowl - A fan favorite rice bowl. Loaded with peanut kale goodness.

15. Mushroom Walnut Veggie Burgers - These hearty veggie burgers actually kinda look like the real thing. Love the mushroom flavor and texture of these.

16. Spaghetti + No-MeatBalls - Mushrooms make a great add-in for bean balls!

17. Black Bean Mushroom Soup with avocado - entree soup loaded with hearty beans and mushrooms. Avocado on top!

18. Salsa Verde Salad with mushrooms - Colorful, sassy green salsa bowl.

19. King Oyster Mushroom "Scollops" - Fun veganized version of scallops. Delicious too!

20. Mushrooms in Paris Plate - Pretty entree bowl.

21. Skillet Pasta with mushrooms - Restaurant style pasta loaded with mushroom accents!
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