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Bio: Kathy Patalsky is the creator of the lifestyle blog Healthy. Happy. Life. and is the author of two cookbooks, 365 Vegan Smoothies and Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen. Kathy is also the founder of the popular blogger-fueled recipe website Finding Vegan, which has over a million followers on social media. Kathy's recipes and photography work have been featured in Saveur, BuzzFeed, LATimes, CNN, VegNews, Channel 8 New Haven, Ladies Home Journal, TheKitchn, and more.

Kathy grew up in Santa Cruz California and currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two rescue kitty cats, Sochi and Mr.White. Her blog is a manifestation of her favorite things: art, food, wellness, animals, travel, style, photography, nature and community.

This blog is for everyone. If you have a passion for delicious food, you're in!

Why Vegan? I went vegan around 2001. Animals are the main reason why I went vegan, though I have been vegetarian since high school. I do not consider my "vegan diet" to be a diet. It is just the way I eat. I always say,

"Veganism isn't a diet. It is a choice your heart makes."

I married a non-vegan, though he slowly started to change his diet and today he is vegan at home, but still loves fish when we eat out. It has been pretty cool to watch him enjoy vegan food so much, watch documentaries with me and slowly transition away from animal products, pressure free. Funny thing, I used to LIKE eating out with a non-vegan because we seemed to get more respect from most waiters. Ha. It was true ten years ago! Better today, but now we both get the 'two vegans?' eyebrow raise at some mainstream restaurants. But that is slowly changing, and especially the cities we have lived in, LA, NYC + DC.

The truth is, eating more plants and less animals is a choice ANY person can make for themselves. It is easy and delicious once you find someone to inspire you in the kitchen and help you along the way. I would love to be that person for you! Even committing to Meatless Mondays or eating vegan two or three days a week is a super upgrade for yourself, the planet and animals.

I personally feel my best eating a plant-based diet. I fill up on fruit and veggies. That is my #1 secret to healthy eating. When I eat more plants and I simply crave less processed, sugary foods. But all things in moderation. I absolutely love vegan ice cream, chocolate, freshly baked cookies, frosted vegan carrot cake and on and on. I never deprive myself, and that is secret #2!

And I am extremely proud of my journey with food. Having struggled with an eating disorder through senior year in high school and most of college, I take every day as a huge blessing. I never thought I would be this healthy or eat like this again, carefree, free of self-judgement and just wanting to fuel my body and not restrict myself.

It took many years and endless frustration, but to anyone struggling - never lose hope and keep fighting for your own health and happiness. This world is so messed up when it comes to food and beauty and self esteem. It takes a strong person to fight for their own authentic wellness inside themselves - and to acknowledge true beauty from things like love, generosity, patience, passion, intelligence, strength, compassion, creativity and joy.

Advice Mode. If you are here reflecting on your own diet and wellness, looking for an upgrade or just some inspiration, remember to be kind to yourself. Remember that perfection is overrated. And wellness is a day-to-day journey. The more feel-good habits you can collect and take part in on a routine basis, the better.

In regards to nutrition + food facts: There is a lot of misinformation online, every headline isn't fact. And vital to remember: Every person is different. You know you best. Educate yourself as best possible, from reputable, science-backed, non-corrupt sources. Be hungry for information. And remember that wellness is not all about food. There are six areas that contribute to your wellness.

But above everything, everything, listen to your body. Practice the art of being quiet and truly following your gut. Your heart. This practice is truly where I find so many answers in my life in regards to wellness, my career, relationships, my purpose, my path, my happiness and more.

And try to resist gawking at those before/after photos. There is no "after" photo. Our bodies and lives are constantly in motion. A photograph only captures one moment.

My best advice. I believe laughter and humor are of supreme healing + uplifting value in times of both joy and stress. To laugh is to be free.

Just a girl and her avocado toast..

*photo by Sabrina Hill

Cats! Did I mention my blog is littered with kitty cats, no pun intended. (Cat cameos galore in my YouTube videos too.)

True: These are the real blog stars..

Mr.White, head-of-household, cat-in-charge, cat toy pouncer, lead investigator, CEO, present bringer, supreme arm-held cuddler.

Sochi cat, nap scientist, lead meow-er - famous for his late-night shows, cat treat connoisseur, professional couch cuddler, finder of sunbeams.

And I never forget my BFF kitty cat, Nelly.

More About Me. In my swanky dating-show voice... I love cozy nights in, farmer's markets, tennis, matcha lattes, waffle brunches in my PJs, the Pacific ocean and the Monterey Bay where I grew up, the 90's, snow, rainy days, hot cocoa with soy whip, movie nights, beach fog, snuggly clothes, pink sunsets, music, animals - big and small, travel, being silly with my girls, family - my amazing husband who is my true partner in life, Broadway shows, Britney Spears music in the kitchen, Disneyland, princess crowns and dancing all day, Daydreaming and all things comforting, silly and creative. 101 Things I Love.

*photo credit: Sabrina Hill

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Thank You. Last thing, very important, thank you! Since 2006, this career choice has been fueled by passion, curiosity, creativity and YOU. Thank YOU for showing up. Buying my books. Tagging me on social media with your gorgeous food photos. Commenting. Showing support when I share personal stories. Being a part of this community here on HHL and FV.

I literally could not choose this as my career without your support. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I am excited to see where this road takes us.

*photo by Sabrina Hill

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Love and light and gratitude to YOU,

~ Kathy Patalsky

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My favorite travel photo yet, Lucerne, Switzerland..

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*photo by Sabrina Hill
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