People. Interviews.

People. Interviews.

*last updated 3/2011*

David Murdock (of Dole) Wellness Lessons

1/2011 Kathy's Interview with June Stoyer from The Organic View

Topics: vegan living, healthy kids, vegan myths, blogging and favorite vegan products and food.

Veggie Girl Power Interview Series #2
Gena Hamshaw
Chloe Coscarelli
Susan Voisin
Carolyn Scott
Ani Phyo
Heather Mills
Alex Jamieson
Isa Chandra

8/2010 Interview with Chef Amanda Cohen on her Iron Chef vs. Morimoto Experience!

7/2010 Kathy's Healthy Voyager Radio Interview.
Carolyn Scott is an expert in vegan travel and wellness adventures.

Topics: kathy's life, vegan living, recipes, photography, healthy kids.

Veggie Girl Power Interview Series:
Veggie Girl Power Series #1:
Sarma Melngailis
Rory Freedman
Marilu Henner
Karina Allrich
Erin McKenna
Kristen Suzanne
Amanda Cohen
Best of VGP Interview Series: Trends, Quotes and Quips

Interview and Photos:
My Breakfast with Food Network's Melissa d'Arabian

Martha Stewart Show:
Martha Stewart Technology Show-Blogger Audience
Martha Stewart Earth Day Taping-ECO Audience

Jean George Chat: He's Vegan Friendly!
Jean George: Almond Butter Toast for Breakfast!

Other: Celeb Chef Contests
Winner: Eric Ripert Photo/Recipe Contest
Finalist: Bobby Flay: Flayvors of Washington!

Celeb Tweets Posts:
Dr. Junger, @DrJunger
Sarma Melngailis, @Sarma
Martha Stewart, @MarthStewart
Moby, @thelittleidiot
Russell Simmons, @Uncle RUSH

Kathy's Interviews:

7/8/2010 Featured Profile Interview: Food Noise on - Q&A with Kathy.

7/8/2010 Interviewed on the Healthy Voyager Radio Show. Listen here on itunes!

*Interviews contact Kathy (at) lunchboxbunch dot com.
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