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Fruit Sides and Salads
Last Updated: 3/2012

* Pineapple Fried Quinoa with Tofu .. in a boat
* Cranberry Concord Sauce for Thanksgiving
* Papaya Lime Maple Morning Bowl
* Minted lime Summer Fruit Cup
* Tropical Lime Fruit Salad
* Fruit Tapas!
* Apple Cider Caramel Apples
* Chef Nate Appleman's Roasted Grapefruit, w/ added roasted kiwi/blackberries
* Papaya Doughnuts
* Cherimoya: Fruit Bowl Vacation
* Puffed Cereal Summer Berry Bowl
* Smashed Choco PB Cherry Panini
* Exotic Eats: Cherimoyas, Kyuris and Papayas
* Fried Golden Fuyus
* Weekend Lemon Confit: Part One
* Lemon Confit Results: Part Two
* Fresh Cranberry Sauces
* Paradise Found Fruit Plate: Skin, on.
* Frozen Grapes
* Morning Melon Bowl
* Fresh Fruit Flag Plate
* "Taste the Sun-Then Play in it" Fruit Salad
* Island Papaya Bowl with Lime
* Purple Power Antioxidant Salad
* Surfer Sunrise, Golden Fruit Salad
* Super Rouge Red Salad
* Winter White Fruit Salad
* Jazz-Up Melon Recipes
* Spring Green Fruit Salad
* Salty Apples: "After-Work Snack"

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