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Last Updated: 3/2012

* Superfood Toast
* Shamrock Breakfast Sandwich, kale, pepitas, avocado
* Coconut Lime Tofu Scramble with harissa
* Tofu Frittata with Fresh Herbs
* Cracked Farro Porridge with berries
* Coffee Cake Cinnamon Rolls
* Super Food Steel Cut Oats
* Citrus Carrot Tofu Scramble
* Truffled Tofu Scramble with Umeboshi and Peas
* 6 Secret Scramble Ingredients
* Peanut Butter Apple Vegan Pancakes
* My Raw Breakfast - power fuel
* Gingerbread Swirl Cream of Wheat Cereal
* The Vegan Big Stack Breakfast Sandwich (double layered!)
* Ginger Cream Cheese Glazed Banana Pancakes. Fluffy!
* Cinnamon Citrus Soy Nog French Toast - made with triangle pita bread
* Salad for Breakfast: How-to!
* Sunrise Citrus Seared Tofu Cubes
* Holiday Cranberry Macadamia Banana Oats
* Pumpkin Macadamia Nut Scones
* 18 Holiday-Season Breakfast Recipes
* Tofu Scramble Cheezy Hash Pockets
* 14 Snow Day Cozy Breakfast Ideas
* Cinnamon Rolls: Pumpkin Pecan with Ginger Cream Frosting
* Pumpkin Pie Pocket Tarts
* Jack-o-Pumpkin Breakfast Sandwich with Pumpkin Butter
* Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal
* Apple Jack Flapjacks
* Chia Seed Breakfast Bowl
* Peanut Butter Oat Bars - no bake, raw
* Sticky Banana Bread Quinoa Bowl
* 15 Dessert for Breakfast Recipes
* Maple Sweet Vegan French Toast
* Breakfast for Dinner Recipes
* 5-Ingredient Tofu Scramble
* Cheezy Herbed Savory Waffles
* Secret Ingredient Savory Hash Browns
* Mini Pancake Cinnamon Rolls with Creamy Sweet Drizzle
* Straight A Smoothie
* Daiya Pepperjack Breakfast Burrito - tofu scramble
* Berry Muffins or Waffles - baking batter
* 20 Vegan Breakfast Ideas
* Sweet Pink Berry Bagel - Vegan Cream Cheese
* Maple Peanut Banana Bread Waffles
* Breakfast Quinoa Bowl
* Triple Stacked Breakfast Quesadilla
* Vanilla Cherry Coconut Breakfast Risotto
* Reasons to Eat Breakfast
* Cashew Kamut Pancakes with Coconut Maple Cream
* Vegan Lemon Curd on Lemon-Poppyseed Muffins
* Chocolate Chip Clementine Muffins
* Chef Nate Appleman's Roasted Grapefruit, w/ added roasted kiwi/blackberries
* Blueberry Citrus Waffles
* Tofu Scramble Test Kitchen
* Pumpkin Swirl Cream of Wheat
* Pumpkin Spice Latte at home!
* Mocha Monday with Whip ...or Cocoa
* Inspired Almond Fig Breakfast Risotto
* Pumpkin Spice Orange Banana Bread
* Easy "A-ntioxidant" Breakfast "Carrot Cake" Bars
* Fresh Watermelon Breakfast Custard
* Purple Pepper Eater
* 15 Min Breakfast Sandwich
* Puffed Cereal Summer Berry Bowl
* Sunny Mushroom Tempeh Morning Bagel
* Fuyu Spice Healthy Oatmeal
* Holiday Tangerine French Toast
* Pop-Quiz Toast-Ups
* Pluot and Plum Perfect Parfait
* Tofu Scramble "Good Morning" Pasta
* Saffron Scented Tofu Scramble
* Morning Melon Bowl
* Vegan Tofu Quiche with Herbed Crust.
* Savory Brunch Melty Muffin
* Tiki Squares. Oatmeal Bake.
* Vegan Rice Pudding
* Tempeh Bacon, aka Facon
* Almond Buttered Toast: The Jean-George Breakfast
* I Love Okra! Folded Corn Cakes
* Giggling Morning Muffin Sandwich
* Kiwi Cherry Almond Oatmeal
* Recipe: Goji-Lime Pear Pancakes. Sunday Brunch Awaits.

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