Peanut Butter Pumpkin Seed Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Vegan)

If you love salty meets sweet flavors, this spin on a peanut butter cookie is for you. These Peanut Butter Pumpkin Seed Chocolate Chunk Cookies with a hint of sea salt on top are everything your cookie dreams are craving. They are chewy and nutty with loads of melty chocolate and pumpkin seeds nestled in each bite. I used my fave spicy raw pumpkin seeds and a vegan chocolate bar broken in pieces for the chocolate. Whip a batch of these cookies up today! And see how I like to eat them...


Guacamole Party Platter with Good Foods + Enter to Win Summer Swag!

disclosure: This post is sponsored by Good Foods

Summertime is a season for fast, easy, delicious meals and party snacks. Speedy smoothies, simple salads, fresh fruit! Veggie toast, ice cream, picnics and do-it-yourself meals like taco and veggie burger nights. More time in "vaycay mode," less time in the kitchen, yes?

Well today's product from the Good Foods brand is one of my favorite ways to save some time without skimping on quality, flavor or nutrition.

Ahead, I share my Guacamole Party Platter, that can be whipped up in just a few minutes, thanks to Good Foods. Plus, I share how you can enter to win over $1,000 in summer swag..


Saved by the Max: Vegan Options? Jesse Approved!

Time out! We interrupt this normal food blog to bring you a bit of fun, silliness and neon lights galore. Bayside Tigers, grab your pom poms and secure your scrunchies. Turn up 'Friends Forever' on the radio, grab your books and get yourself a look.

Ok, time in!

It's kinda strange how many things from my childhood are coming back around. Full House has a successful reboot. Jurassic Park is still going. And now, you can even dine at the Saved by the Bell hang out spot: The Max. Today I share the vegan options I found at Bayside, and plentiful silly photo ops during my visit to the Saved by the Max Pop-Up Restaurant in West Hollywood.

Paging the 90's. Report to Belding's Office immediately!


Vegan Yack Attack: On the Go Cookbook + Recipe

I am so happy to share my friend Jackie Sobon's brand new cookbook with you guys! Vegan Yack Attack: On the Go! is Jackie's second cookbook and is such a cool niche topic for vegan cooking. It is filled with recipes that everyone (vegan or not) will love and really benefit from. Save time, eat more plants and save money - because we all know how buying meals and snacks on-the-go can really start to add up.

Vegan Yack Attack: On the Go! comes out in just a few weeks - July 3rd - but you can pre-order it today and be among the first to receive it! I am excited to give you guys a closer look at this awesome cookbook...

Ahead, check out some gorgeous food photos from the book and get a free sample recipe for the most amazing Summer Stew...


My 7 Go-To Smoothies for Summer

Smoothie season. Hooray for frosty, creamy, blended, rainbow-colored sips and banana bowls. I definitely have a few go-to faves that I am drawn to this summer, so I wanted to share them with you guys. These are My 7 Go-To Smoothies for Summer - plus some summertime ramblings and even a list of recipe faves from my smoothie book. Fellow smoothie lover? Read on..