Arugula Salad: Mango, Macadamia, Avocado.

(Updated) This Arugula Salad recipe has been a fan-fave since 2011! It is a personal fave as well. Tropical flavors of sweet mango and salty, crunchy macadamia nuts mingle with spicy arugula lettuce and buttery avocado. This simple-ingredient salad is so flavorful that it barely even needs dressing. But if you want to add some, I think a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice is just perfect. (Dressing suggestion in the recipe.)

I love this salad on a busy day as lunch, or as a dinner salad topped with tempeh bacon or skillet chickpeas.


Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies are chewy and dense and rich and lovely. Nutty pecans and vegan chocolate chips in every hearty bite.

Hop in the kitchen and have a baking moment. Because, if you are like me, baking cookies just feels good! But watch out for those cookie-baking lurkers...


Mandarin Szechuan Sauce

This is my first Szechuan Sauce, guys. I have been wanting to post this recipe for a long time and finally found space to do so.

This spicy-sweet Mandarin Szechuan Sauce is easy to make and loaded with complex flavor. I love it over top fluffy broccoli florets and tofu. Rice or quinoa is a nice touch too. Get the recipe...


Two-Bean Pasta Salad

I am always playing around with ways to add more beans to my diet. And one of my favorite ways to eat beans is in a big chilled salad. Chilled salads, like today's recipe, allow all the flavors to marinate into the beans, creating so much flavor and loveliness.

Today's Two-Bean Pasta Salad actually includes two of my favorite ingredients: beans and pasta. Fluffy pasta spirals all cozy and warm, tucked in between layers of purple beans, ruffles of spinach, lemon juice, balsamic, pepper and salty olives.

This bean-loaded pasta salad reminds me of a dish you would find in a fancy deli or bakery shop. The kind with loads of picnic-approved pasta salads and such. So if you are looking for a flavorful, healthy way to serve beans - or if you just love a good make-ahead approved, chilled pasta salad - give this a try.

Plus, a few of my fave vegan picnic recipes!..


Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie

Today's recipe for vegan Chocolate Cream Pie is a childhood fave of mine. I remember diving into big fluffy layers of chocolate and whipped cream and feeling like everything was just pretty darn great in the world...

..Cue the Saved by the Bell and Full House reruns. Cue the "Show me that smile again.." and "What ever happened to predictability.." sitcom theme music. And cue the stack of Garfield books by my bed. Cue Saturday mornings playing Twister and Monopoly with my sister, while watching Dirty Dancing, Labyrinth or Joe vs. the Volcano for the one billionth time. Cue the feeling of never having heard of a cell phone - except for the one Zack Morris carried around in his backpack. And cue the Spice Girls, classic Madonna and Gwen Stefani (before she was on every magazine for having 'aged amazingly'). I could definitely go on, and on, but I won't. I mean, all that in some chocolate + whip? Yup. Kinda. For me anyways.

Well the good news is that I have this pie. Rich and silky chocolate filling topped with fluffy coconut whip. Dairy-free + vegan. Win and win.

Chocolate Pie. This dessert recipe is easy to make and bonus, it is packed with plant-based protein. And we all know that chocolate is magical.

So if you are feeling this chocolate + whip vibe with me, hop in the kitchen and treat yourself this week..