76 Potluck Perfect Vegan Recipes

orig post: 8/16/13 updated: 7/2019

This popular post from 2013 needed an update! Since Vegan Potluck Recipes are in high demand year-round, but they are especially helpful in these summertime months. These recipes are perfect for bringing to picnics, parties or casual get-togethers...

Here are 76 potluck perfect vegan recipes to inspire your feast..


Beer Brat Salad

Hope you all had a happy, chill, fun long holiday weekend! My cooking schedule has been filled with easy, hearty breakfasts followed by smoothie or sandwich/toast lunches and either summer-y dining out or an easy dinner. Lots of big salads to match the warmer weather and mood to not want to turn on my oven unless I'm baking cookies.

Well this plant-based Avocado Candied Nut Beer Brat Salad fits very nicely into that schedule. I have made this salad about three times now because I love it so much! And there are plenty of ways to tweak the ingredients. But really the special ingredients are those quick candied nuts and the beer brats. If you have never tried vegan beer brats, I hope this post entices you!...


Summer Bean Tacos

Quick, easy and satisfying meals are the name of the game this time of year. And those meals are best when you have minimal cooking or turning on of the oven or stove. And these Summer Bean Tacos are the perfect fit for your summer eating mood. Whipped these up today using my leftover baked beans...


Cowgirl Baked Beans

New fave bean recipe right here. This recipe for my Cowgirl Baked Beans was inspired by my love of traditional baked beans. Soft and sweet, but usually pretty watery and even a little too sweet at times. Well I played in the kitchen a bit and came out with this recipe. Hearty beans, spices, tons of texture and a nice dose of sweet too. If you love baked beans, but are looking for a recipe with a bit more oomph and soul, spice and body, give this recipe a try...


Chocolate Milkshake

updated post, orig pub: 4/26/09

This recipe is for a straight up, dessert-tasting, vegan Chocolate Milkshake. But I promise, this tall, frosty, creamy concoction is absolutely good for you.....