Coconut Oil Roasted Sweet Potatoes. Spices Optional.

This will be one of your new favorite ways to prepare sweet potatoes. I promise you that.

Sure, these Coconut Oil Roasted Sweet Potatoes are pretty gosh darn simple. Like insanely basic. This post barely qualifies as a recipe.


The aroma will knock you on your feet when it hits your nose. And you my friend, will understand why this is a must-try, had-to-post-this recipe.


3-2-1 Hummus!

You will never forget this easy, go-to, easily customizable hummus recipe! Make this dish a staple in your healthy, happy, vegan kitchen! 3-2-1 Hummus!..


Ginger-Peanut Power Up Greens Salad Rolls. Brown Rice Wraps!

These tasty Ginger-Peanut Power Up Greens Salad Rolls are all the loveliness of a peanut-ginger kale salad, rolled up into a grab-n-enjoy brown rice roll! Super refreshing for warmer weather, these greens and carrot wraps can be served as a healthy-delicious snack, appetizer or alongside most any meal. I made these rolls using a new kale-infused product from Dole!..


Easy Vegan Vanilla Bean Custard.

This easy vegan Vanilla Bean Custard can be whipped up in a few minutes, chilled and ready to enjoy in just under an hour. Simple. Subtle. Sweetly satisfying. Because sometimes the simple flavors are the best..


Curried "Eggy" Scramble Toasts! Vegan Brunch-wiches.

I was headed into cooking oblivion without a clue what I was making. I had some leftover brown rice and some amazing cooked chickpeas. Protein. I wanted a protein-rich vegan recipe that would be easy to make and bold on flavor. Well somewhere in my kitchen play and fumbling through my spice cabinet and pantry I made these Curried "Eggy" Scramble Toasts happen. And at first bite I was a bit suprised how much I LOVED them. Seriously, this is a new fave in the Patalsky household! Get the recipe..



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