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Fall Flavor in a Flash! Salad

If you think summer is the season for amazing salads, think again!

Fall is one of my favorite salad seasons! This Fall Flavor in a Flash! Salad has it all. Crunchy walnuts, juicy apples, chewy raisins, fresh baby spinach, caramelized red onion, spices, maple, cider vinegar and just loads of sassy-sweet flavor. Get ready to devour this because it tastes so darn good.

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Mushroom Marinara Melt Sandwich

I had been dreaming of this sandwich for a while now. Then I saw some gorgeous, giant, pillowy portobello mushrooms at the store and I had to scoop them up and make this recipe for a vegan Mushroom Marinara Melt Sandwich.

The inspiration for this recipe is a sandwich I used to get at a cafe called Aroma, when we lived in NYC. It had fluffy bread, thick, flavorful fingers of portobello mushrooms, marinara sauce and fluffy sprouts crammed in there too. I loved that sandwich so much, I even did a post about it here. That was back in 2009! And eight years later, I still dream about that simple, unique sandwich. It certainly leaves an impression! And after my first bite of THIS recipe. I certainly remember why! The flavors are rich and vibrant with Italian flair. Get the recipe for my spin on this marinara-mushroom sandwich..


My BIG Guide: Vegan Milk Reviews!

My BIG Vegan Milk Review. I love doing these BIG review pages here on the blog! Today, I am tackling the wonderful, wide world of plant-based milks. Aka, non-dairy, vegan, "plant" milks. Made from things like soy, rice, almonds, hemp, coconut, peas and many more. I hope these reviews give you some insight into the differences, benefits and pitfalls of some of the options out there.

If you love my BIG reviews, also check out my Matcha Review, Vegan Cheese Guide, Protein Powder Reviews and even my vegan yogurt reviews.

In today's post, I also share a featured video where I share my personal top three fave vegan milks for a matcha lattes, as part of this month's Kathy's Matcha Chat.

And don't worry, if you do not see your fave brand/flavor yet, please let me know in the comments! I will be adding to this list as much as possible.

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Zoodles a la Kathy, BELLA Electric Spiralizer

disclosure: This post is sponsored by BELLA, but all opinions are my own.

Today I am sharing my recipe for Garlicky Zoodles with Chickpeas and Onions, aka Zoodles a la Kathy. I am also sharing an awesome appliance for DIY spiralizing - the first spiralizer I have tested that I really love. Get the recipe, my insight for loving your zoodles, and all about this machine..


4-Day Oahu Hawaii Itinerary

Soft tropical breezes, turquoise water, salty ocean waves swooshing back and forth at your feet, cold drinks, hibiscus flowers, lush green landscapes and a feeling of escape. One destination always delivers all this and so much more: Hawaii! Growing up in California, Hawaii holds a special place in my heart, with so many memories of family vacations. And now as an adult, Hawaii is still one of my favorite places to get away from it all.

My husband and I have been to Maui and Kauai, but this time we decided to try Oahu.

Today I am sharing my 4-Day Oahu Itinerary with you!

In just four days, three nights, we were able to immerse ourselves in three spots: Ko Olina (where we stayed), Waikiki Beach and even a trip to the North Shore where I swam in Banzai Pipeline, something I have always wanted to do!...