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5-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding

This creamy, rich, chocolate pudding may look sinfully sweet - but it is actually quite good for you. Rich in plant-based protein from tofu and antioxidants from raw cacao powder. Originally posted in 2011, I am giving this post a 2018 update with some added pics and a how-to video. (...coming sooooon!)

One taste and you will see why this decadent pudding or mousse has long been a HealthyHappyLife fan fave! And one of my all time fave recipes as well. You can even totally call this a healthy snack or even breakfast! No-Cook method - just blend and serve. Only 5 ingredients! I also share my current favorite way to spin this recipe...


Spinach-Stuffed Grilled Cheese

Toasty and warm, melty vegan cheese in every bite, this Spinach Stuffed "Popeye" Grilled Cheese is just what you are craving in a decadent yet veggie-accented melty-cheese sandwich.

Spinach Stuffed. Melty Cheese.
Buttery crispy edges of sourdough-rye bread, melty cheddar cheese, a hint of garlic, a slice of juicy yellow tomato and loads of cheezy spinach - this skillet sandwich is packed with flavor! Spinach is a perfect way to load up a grilled cheese with something other than just .. well... cheese.. Get the recipe...

Plus, a few of my favorite green things for St.Patricks Day...


Peanut Butter Candy Cookies

If you are in a baking sort of mood, these Peanut Butter Candy Cookies should do the trick. Peanut butter and chocolate flavor in every chewy, sweet, oh-so-pretty bite. These easy vegan cookies are fast to whip up and look lovely sitting on a plate.

And yes, we live in a world with vegan chocolate-filled, candy-shell-covered, colorful candies, and that is celebration enough for me to do some baking. Happy Monday guys, hope you can try these super delicious cookies!...

(Plus, some post-Oscars movie chatting...)


Spring Pasta (Mushroom Asparagus)

This Spring Pasta is a vegan, one-skillet meal that is loaded with hearty mushrooms and perky green asparagus. Garlic, lemon and a hint of pesto. Optional buttery avocado slices on top too. So much flavor and texture and yes-ness in each bite of this sunny, seasonal recipe..

..Yes-ness isn't a word. But this pasta. It's just loaded with yes, so, yes-ness it is.

The Ingredients. Simple faves in here! Mushrooms, asparagus, red onion, garlic and a very light pesto sauce accent.

We made this skillet for dinner a few nights ago and were so in love with the one-bowl nature of the meal and all the flavors that I knew I had to make it again for the blog. My favorite thing about this dish is how simple it is to prepare, yet how fancy it feels! One skillet dinner, coming up!..


Matcha Green Tea FAQs

Disclosure: This post part of my Encha-sponsored video series, all opinions are my own.

You have matcha questions. I have matcha answers.

Frequently asked. Today I bring you guys the final video post in my Kathy's Matcha Chat Series. Wow, I am so proud to have done twelve videos about matcha and chatting about my life and random things and lots of fun and a few kitty cats and so much m-a-t-c-h-a! This series has been sponsored by my friends at the most amazing matcha company, Encha Organic Matcha. So without much more pause, I am excited to share with you guys some Matcha Green Tea FAQs.

Matcha Fans + Matcha Curious. These frequently asked questions are some that I personally had when I first started out drinking matcha, as well as questions that I have received from the HHL community over the past few years. If you are a long-time HHL reader, you know I have been swooning over matcha for yeeeaaars now. I even have a good handful of matcha recipes in my cookbooks.

Matcha Green Tea FAQs. So, if you are any sort of matcha fan or matcha drinker or if you are just curious about this silky spring green beverage / ingredient, this post is for you..