Garlic-Rosemary Cauliflower Potato Soup with Smoky-Maple Chickpeas

This time of year I am constantly trying to think of easy ways to enjoy soup as an entree. One way is to basically take a bunch of chopped veggies and maybe some legumes like lentils or pasta or rice and throw it all in a big pot. Simmer and make some soup magic. Serve in big bowls, seconds welcome. But besides the "throw it all in a pot" method, another route is to puree your soups. Hello Vitamix.

For pureed soups, I love sweet potato, carrot, broccoli, butternut squash, corn, mushroom and many more. I love the thick texture of pureed soups and how they hold their heat well - especially potato soup! Pureed potato soup is comfort food in a bowl. You could top with vegan cheese or accent veggies, croutons or shiitake bacon or try out today's recipe for a brand new spin.

Adding cauliflower to potato soup really evens out the potato-starchiness. Today's recipe is a soothing creamy soup that I will keep coming back to. To make it a meal, I add heaping spoonfuls of my favorite skillet chickpeas. Toast on the side.

Today we whip up Garlic-Rosemary Cauliflower Potato Soup with Smoky-Maple Skillet Chickpeas - plus a video!...


This Epic Wellness Cruise is Calling You.. The Holistic Holiday at Sea, March 11-18, 2017

Brrrrr, baby it is cold outside!

Ok, ok, so you guys know I live in warmish-in-January Los Angeles, but I just got back from DC where things were definitely winter coat approved. I was bundled up, shifting between hot chocolate and steamy soups to stay warm and hydrated. Dry skin, extra blankets at night and a cold nose. The truth is, I actually love the cold for a while. Skiing, snowflakes, winter white sky, cold stillness, foggy breath, crisp chill. But mostly I love winter because it makes the arrival or return to sweet sunshine feel even better.

So all you snow bunnies, rainy season roosters and winter wildcats, I have a warm and tropical solution for your c-c-c-cold-weather, seasonal-blues problems...

Come Cruise with Me!

I am so excited because in just a few months I will be basking in the sunshine on the deck of a beautiful cruise ship, gliding along crystal turquoise Caribbean waters for the Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise. I get to teach a cooking class as well as mingle with wellness geniuses like Dr. Neil Barnard and SO many more. Plus I don't have to cook a thing all week, with amazing plant-based meals at every turn. And loads of awesome shore excursions to explore the islands we visit. The itinerary this year is incredible!

It is no wonder this cruise is best described as.. "ONE OF THE 100 BEST WORLDWIDE VACATIONS TO ENRICH YOUR LIFE!" - National Geographic Traveller.

Join us! Sounds good, right? Let's do it. Book your cruise today and mention my name for freebies! Or click ahead to get more details including photos, the number one reason I think you should start cruising and the three types of cruise styles I define!..


Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter cookies are always welcome! And this one is a sturdy vegan recipe that uses a nifty flax egg and includes a how-to video. Peanut Butter Cookies are probably my favorite cookie ever, so I never tire of them. thus why I have a handful of pbc recipes here on the blog.

So ya, this is another peanut butter cookie recipe, but I feel you do need this one in your life! These cookies are unique because they are of course vegan, but have a nice mixture of richness from a hint of vegan butter and loads of rich peanut butter, with a natural sweetness of earthy-sweet maple syrup as the sole sweetener. Flax egg plumped up, modifications ahead. And maple, vanilla and cinnamon all roll together to accent the chewiness of these tender baked bites.

Ok, life wise, I seriously don't have much new to share today guys. My last few posts were more interesting. All I have for you is... c o o k i e s. :)

Oh! And a video for this recipe too! Boom. I knew I had something else up my sleeve for this one.

Ok then. Let's bake!..


Garlicky Two Bean Soup

The rain is pouring down outside my window right now, a big puffy grey sky hangs between me and the far away sun. The room is lit with a bright white glow and the air is fresh. And I love it. I am so freaking giddy with this wet weather we have been having in la la land the past few weeks. (ps. Have you seen La La Land? Loved it!) I got to wear my rain boots this morning and stomped around just like a happy five year old. And rain and coziness and winter means one thing.. soup!

Soup season is in full effect and I was craving beans! Bean soup. Savory, flavorful, garlicky, bay leaf-infused, peppery, smoky, veggie-surrounded bean soup. This Garlicky Two Bean Soup with veggies like carrots, spinach and onion is super easy to pull off on a busy weeknight, and it serves a packed table of hungry people. I loved devouring this soup three nights in a row and when it was finally gone I wanted to make more. It is even better the next day because the flavors marinate the veggies and beans. Swoon. The flavors are bold and warming and there is enough goodness and depth in each bite to make this your hearty meal for the night.

Hope you love it! (I include a recipe video too..)


Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread Cupcakes. Vegan.

After an amazing weekend of being all fancy at a wedding, I was craving cupcakes. Fluffy amazing cupcakes. These Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread Cupcakes fit the bill and are simply dreamy. I was so happy that the cupcake part came out so well, moist and fluffy! (Oh, and everyone who hates the word moist, is it ok to use when describing cupcakes? Pondering this..)

The cupcakes are so good that you could totally eat them frosting-free, but for extra amazingness, swirl on some choco-pb frosting and pat yourself on the back for being an impressive little baker. Oh, and fun fact, my fancy frosting tube tool totally went missing right before I needed to frost these babies, so I had to macgyver-up a tool using parchment paper and plastic bags. Not very elegant but it sort've got the job done. Moral of the story is, your frosting doesn't have to be perfect for these to be the best cupcakes ever. Don't be intimidated by perfect frosting swirls you see online - cupcakes are so easy!

Hope you love these and have a cupcake-worthy day...