Strawberry Avocado Summer Rolls

I took a stroll on the beach this morning after an appointment, matcha from Urth Cafe in hand, sunnies on. The air was crisp and salty and the sunshine warm and soft. It was a nice way to pause in the middle of a work day. I always feel really thankful that I can take breaks when I need to with my job. But despite the 'beach break' perk, blogging isn't fool proof.

There are a lot of days when I feel isolated and crave water cooler office banter, loud obnoxious and lovable co-workers and a steady paycheck. But something unexplainable calls me to this work. This lifestyle. The unpredictability of it all. The freedom, yet lack of security. It feels like backpacking through Europe. Some days you get a sunrise view of the Eiffel Tower, latte in hand. And other days you lose your passport, are wearing the same clothes for three days and have to take a ten hour overnight train ride without a meal to be found. (Ok, so I have never actually backpacked through Europe, but I did see Wild and Under the Tuscan Sun and have been to Europe, so close enough. Insert appropriate emoji here.)

After my beach break, I was home and hungry, so I whipped up these Strawberry Avocado Summer Rolls that I have been dreaming of for a while. They are so light and springy, yet satisfying and protein-filled. I adore the combination of strawberries and avocado. I added some savory-salty flavor by adding coconut bacon! This was my first time making it too.

These make a delicious easy lunch or even a light raw-ish dinner. I use brown rice paper wraps and mung bean noodles too. Get the recipe!..


Rustic Creamy Country-Style Tofu Pot Pie

This post is sponsored by House Foods Tofu.

Kansas reminds me of The Wizard of Oz, the countryside and rustic meals. Berry pies and fresh cornbread. And pot pies too. So for my Kansas-inspired House Foods 50 Platestofu recipe, I re-vamped one of my very favorite recipes ever: my Creamy Cashew Pot Pie. For today's recipe, I added in some tofu goodness and made a few tweaks to this recipe. I also have a spin on this recipe in my HHVK cookbook.

Comfort. I am totally obsessed with this meal. When I made this a few weeks ago I was seriously craving it every second. I warmed a bowl up for a mid-morning snack, for a late lunch, for an easy dinner. It has the most amazing buttery, creamy, veggie-filled flavors and loads of good ingredients in each bite. Tofu, peas, carrots, cashew cream sauce and more.

Craving comfort food? Give your vegan mac/cheese recipe a breather, and make this Creamy Country-Style Tofu Pot Pie!..


Vegan St.Louis Gooey Butter Cake

This post is sponsored by House Foods Tofu.

I mean this name is pretty awesome, right? Gooey Butter Cake is a St. Louis classic cake. As part of the 50 Plates of Tofu Series I am participating in, I decided to give this yummy dessert a vegan makeover to represent Missouri. And it turned out great! Rich, buttery and sweet. I can imagine this treat being served in a cute little bakery, a pot of hot tea on the side.

Give it a try and see for yourself..


Copycat Unicorn Frapp (Vegan)

Starbucks limited time Unicorn Frappuccino® Blended Crème seems to be everywhere today. And while I would love to indulge and try this color and flavor-changing marvel out at Starbucks, it seems that it is not vegan as it comes. I think if you remove the blue drizzle and the whip it would be vegan, but without that sassy sour blue stuff, I mean, what's the point? But props to Starbucks for using vegetable-based colorings like spirulina and radish and sweet potato!

But back to my problem. I am inside working all day at my desk and would love to sip on something magical. Well problem solved! This Copycat Unicorn Frapp is vegan, naturally colored with plants and actually has a whole bunch of good-for-you ingredients. So turn on some sparkly music and open the windows to let the spring air whip through your princess-y hair because it's Vegan Unicorn Frapp time...

Includes a video!..


Popeye Spinach Biscuits

My scone-baking kick continues! But today, I'm doing biscuits..

Today I am sharing my recipe for Flaky, Buttery Vegan Popeye Biscuits! These vegan, heart-shaped gems just happen to be loaded with spinach. So this is a sneaky way to add some greens to your meal. I love these served alongside soup or just served with a generous drizzle of maple syrup or coconut nectar on top.

I'm also sharing a story of why these biscuits remind me of one of my favorite childhood memories ever.

Popeye would devour these and you will too!!..