All About Matcha + Smoothie Bowls

A few years ago I discovered matcha green tea. Life, changed. Queue the triumphant choir music and sunrise glow rising over the hilltops.

Immediately after enjoying my very first mug of matcha, at Urth Caffe in Los Angeles btw, I hopped on my computer and fervently googled "What is matcha?" "Benefits of matcha?" "Matcha vs. coffee?"

I read the "matcha 101" style content on every matcha and tea website I could find. My curiosity was on fire. But what I really wanted most of all was to chat first hand with a long time matcha fan, even better, a matcha expert! Well today I get to do just that and you get to listen in on what my expert has to say. Plus I share my fave matcha smoothie bowl recipe...

Get ready to learn all about matcha in my 8-question interview with Encha Matcha brand founder + matcha expert, Li Gong!..


Vegan Glazed Donuts

I had so much fun making these Vegan Glazed Donuts today. I used an array of glaze colors and flavors and made a few batches to really perfect the donut batter. These donuts are vegan and baked and made using spelt four, although they taste just as amazing and satisfying as anything fried or even yeasted! I do a triple dip on my glaze to get a thick smooth coating.

I also share a few different glaze recipes to try - chocolate, vanilla, matcha - and some options for plant-based food colorings available to you. Craving donuts? I've got you!...


Speedy Peanut Seitan Rice Bowl

This Speedy Peanut Seitan Rice Bowl can be whipped up quickly for lunch or dinner. The protein-packed seitan pairs perfectly with rich, creamy peanut sauce. Some simple rice and scallions, maybe some sriracha and a sliced avocado and done. This is another fast, easy and flavorful - plant-based - recipe for you....


Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

This Chocolate Chip Banana Bread is light and fluffy and studded with so many melty vegan chocolate chips. This loaf is the perfect combo of warm and cozy meets decadent. Serve this loaf for breakfast, as a snack or even a dessert treat...


West African Peanut Chickpeas

These West African Peanut Chickpeas over sticky white rice make for a soothing and satisfying plant-based meal.

The chickpeas are coated in smoky peanut sauce with hints of tomato, ginger, garlic and lime with an echo of a traditional West African Peanut Stew. Only in a hearty bowl format. This fast and flavorful meal can be yours in under a half hour..