5-Step Vegan Protein Taco Bowl with Fiesta Rice and Beans.

My 5-Step Protein-Taco Bowl with Fiesta Rice and Beans is a delicious go-to meal that is exploding with cravable flavors. Creamy vegan refried beans, corn or rice shredded tortillas, fiesta-spiced rice with Southwest style Beyond Meat Vegan Chick'n, avocado and citrus. Tonight's dinner just got easy..


Vegans are Not Annoying: Here are 10 Reasons Why.

Traffic jams: annoying. A sudden rain shower when you just left the hair salon and have no umbrella: annoying. Chatty talkers when you are trying to relax at a spa: annoying. The takeout delivery guy forgetting something in your order: annoying. Loving animals, saving the planet, enjoying yummy vegan food: not annoying. Vegans are Not Annoying: Here are 10 Reasons Why.

So, why this post instead of a recipe today? Today I listened to this awesome interview on NPR about how a new breed of boys, including two of my faves, Joshua Katcher and Dominick Thompson, are claiming their masculinity by embracing veganism.

After I listened to the audio, I started reading the webpage comments and was shocked to read such negative replies after such a rockstar, easy-going interview .. and on NPR. I would expect as much on say, BuzzFeed or even YouTube. But NPR? One of the oddest comments was how someone insisted that vegans are annoying. Why? Well his google search suggestions confirmed it for him. Well OK then. I was so mind-boggled that people are STILL so discriminatory towards vegans, calling them (me) annoying, that I decided to comment back here on my blog.

(This seems like such an obvious thing to me, but I guess I live in my happy Los Angeles, vegans-are-super-cool bubble. So for everyone outside the bubble, lets go now..)


"Cashews Just Want to Have Fun" Cookies. Warm and Chewy!

Cashew Butter Vegan Gluten-Free Cookies
Vegan cashew cheese and cashew cheesecakes are pretty popular in most vegan-friendly kitchens, but what about the cookie department? Why do almonds and peanuts always get to have all the fun when it comes to nut butter cookies? Well today, the humble cashew gets a shot at delicious glory in the cookie part of your day. Get the recipe for these warm and chewy "Cashews Just Want to Have Fun" Cashew Cookies!...


Choosing Raw Bircher Muesli from Gena Hamshaw's New Cookbook!

My breakfast today. It rocked guys. And some life advice I have learned first hand: a great breakfast leads to a great day all around.

My rave review breakfast recipe came from a wonderful new cookbook: Choosing Raw by Gena Hamshaw of ChoosingRaw.com. This is a raw + vegan cookbook that you will want to add to your collection. Gena helps you to see your food options for the day in a new, honest and nourishing light, ChoosingRaw style. Gena talks to you in a real and inspiring way that will surely having you easily eating better and feeling a little happier about your wellness journey.

Ahead, get Gena's recipe for Vegan Bircher Muesli and enter a giveaway to win a copy of her book. I am giving TWO copies away..


Epic Toast Post: 18 Recipes! + New Sweet Mango Avocado Toast

Delicious vegan Mango Avocado Toast
Here it is. My epic toast post. I gathered 18 of my best "toast" recipes for you today, because I think we all know that toast is at the tip top of the hot food trends chart lately. And I think it is here to stay. Well, at least the avocado toast part!

Toast is perfect for breakfast, lunch, snacks or light dinners. You can easily modify "toast" to suit whatever ingredients you have on hand. Meaning you can feel free to sprinkle on some pumpkin seeds, add a handful of leafy greens, drizzle some EVOO or chop some cucumbers, peaches or tomato to serve on top or on the side. Toast is fun, easy and a super way to get creative in your kitchen! Here are my favorites and a new recipe for Sweet Mango Avocado Toast with Radicchio...



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