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22 Vegan Veggie Burger Recipes

updated: 6/2017 - original: 2013

A full-proof way to make your summer weekend amazing? Have a veggie burger night! Veggie burgers of course. Veggie burgers are so flavorful, healthy and easy to make. Have a cruelty-free BBQ or beach burger bash while enjoying of these recipes.

Veggie burger meals are simple. Classic. Fuss-free. Plant-based burgers are free of saturated fat, gentle on the planet and rich in healthy ingredients like plant-based protein, veggies, whole grains, seeds, nuts, legumes and more - and yes - when done right, veggie burgers can be totally flavor-tastic.

This summer, reinvent the burger, in your own kitchen! Here are my veggie burger recipes..


71 Vegan Ice Cream recipes for Summer!

Happy summer everyone! Before I dive into this epic list of recipes, I want to look back on the evolution of vegan ice cream.

Over the past few 10-15 years I have watched vegan/non-dairy ice cream dramatically evolve. I can remember a time when I grumpily dove my spoon into dry and really, not-very-good soy or rice-based ice cream because they were the only options in stores. Just two to three flavors available. Chocolate. Vanilla. Strawberry. Later, soy and almond and soon coconut-based flavors evolved or popped up. More brands. Smarter brands.. Brands started to get savvier with their recipes, and vegan ice cream actually started to taste... good. Then came cashew ice cream. And the coconut milk ice cream got richer and creamier. And I even started to find vegan ice creams in soft serve, swirled form! Vegan fro-yo was finally a thing. Hooray!

Recently, Ben & Jerry's dove in on the game. Boom. Vegan, dairy-free versions of Chunky Monkey, Double Fudge Brownie and Cherry Garcia were real. Whoah. Then Breyer's snuck out vegan Oreo and Vanilla Peanut Butter flavors. Double whoah. Vegan ice cream sandwiches, vegan chocolate-dipped ice cream bars and more are available to consumers. I am just waiting on a vegan Choco Taco. (Has that been veganized yet?) There is really nothing vegan ice cream cannot do these days. And this ice cream-loving girl is very very happy.

And alongside this in-store evolution, bloggers and cookbook authors have been busy little bees, creating the most amazing vegan churn and churn-free ice cream recipes. Pretty much any flavor you can ever imagine has been veganized. And if not yet, I am sure it will be!

Vegan ice cream has come a long way in the past 15 years that I have been vegan. I really never imagined that I would not miss dairy ice cream! It is pretty amazing. So today, I asked my Finding Vegan bloggers to share a few of their favorite ice cream recipes, here they are. Grab a cone or a spoon and enjoy summertime with these 71 Vegan Ice Cream Recipes!..


Try My Sweet Potato Chili via Veestro! + 21-Day Kickstart Meal Giveaway

disclosure: This post is sponsored by Veestro

A while back I gave the plant-based meal delivery program Veestro a test run for a review. I loved their company and their delicious meals. So I was excited when they came to me and asked if I wanted to collaborate on a custom Veestro meal!

During the month of June only, you can order my vegan Sweet Potato Chili directly from Veestro! It comes delivered to your doorstep, just heat, eat and sit back and relax. Info on my chili, a giveaway, promo code to try Veestro and more ahead..


Orange Pineapple Sunshine Smoothie

Who wants some instant sunshine for the week ahead? I have the recipe for you!..

Monday. I started my day off with this smoothie and that felt really nourishing and sunny. Today's recipe tastes like a piña cola meets creamsicle - creamy and frosty, yet light, bright and tropical. Nice way to wake up! Looking back on the past few days, my weekend involved some chill time, some ocean air time, some tennis time, lots of kitchen time, some lazy time and a lot of check-ins to the Katy Perry #KPWWW live stream. I was kinda addicted to checking in on it! Did you watch?? Modern day Truman Show. I am so fascinated by live streams! How cool would it be if I just live streamed my kitchen 24/7, ha!

And I have been sipping this Orange Pineapple Sunshine Smoothie all week long. I usually stick to my favorite purple or green smoothies, but the past week I have just been craving this blend. It feels like a tropical vacation in a glass.

I love this blend of ingredients because they are very anti inflammatory in nature. Keep reading to find out why and get the recipe!..


Fresh Artichoke White Bean Dip (Lemon Pepper Garlic)

This post is sponsored by Ocean Mist Farms, but all opinions are my own.

As the weather warms up, I find myself snacking quite a lot. Fresh fruit, chips and healthy dips and lots of smoothies. So instead of a few heavy meals, I eat more little meals throughout the day. And I love that. I find it keeps me energized and ready for whatever adventures I may have planned for the day. And the foods I go for tend to be healthier in nature - fresh produce galore. We often think of "snacking" as a bad thing, but when you are choosing healthy foods and prepping a few healthy recipes (like today's dip!), snacking (or mini-meals) can be a great thing!

And one of my favorite snacks is a hearty, healthy bean dip! When most people think of 'bean dips,' they think of hummus. But today I am sharing a velvet-y, lemon-pepper-garlic dip that uses fresh artichokes as the secret ingredient.

This Lemon Pepper Garlic Artichoke White Bean Dip is easy and super flavorful.

Vacation anyone? And I'm also sharing an amazing online contest. Ocean Mist Farms and a few other produce brands are sending one lucky grand prize winner on a $4,000 tropical vacation. And a few awesome cash prizes for the runner up winners. Yes, please! I would be so excited if one of my blog readers wins one of these amazing prizes. Details ahead! Be sure to enter to win after checking out today's recipe...