Easy Vegan Caramel Sauce, for Caramel Apples, Dipping & Drizzling

(updated post) These Easy Vegan Caramel Apples are perfect for Halloween and/or your fall apple harvest. And despite what you may think about "vegan caramel" this recipe couldn't be easier! In fact, there are just two main ingredients and this caramel can be made in a matter of minutes!..


At What Age Did You Realize You Were a Veggie Eater?

I could've called this post: "At What Age Did You Realize You Were a Vegan?" But the reality is that most people go vegetarian before going fully vegan. It is a slow drip for most. You experiment by cutting out a few easy to drop animal products. Foods that you never really liked anyways. Maybe red meat. Maybe eggs. Maybe dairy. Maybe fish. Then slowly, after reading more, browsing online communities like FindingVegan, chatting with friends, watching documentaries and just exploring in general, some people, choose to transition to a fully plant-based lifestyle. While others, stay vegetarian, perfectly happy in that space, because that is what works for them.

Diet is such a personal thing! We are all so different. Each of us has to listen to our guts (literally), our hearts, and our bodies. And see where we end up.

Today, I chat about my own early journey to realizing I was a veggie eater. And how a popular 90's movie about dinosaurs actually inspired me and greatly reinforced those feelings!...


23 Vegan Apple Recipes for Fall

Today I am rounding up twenty-three of my favorite Apple Recipes for the fall season. Apples are by far my favorite fall produce item. I absolutely love filling up my cart or farmer's market bag with Honeycrisp, Fuji, Granny Smith and more apple varieties. And click ahead to see what my favorite apple variety of all time is...

Apple Season Bliss. I actually think New York City has an epic apple season. I remember walking home from the Union Square Greenmarket with a giant HEAVY canvas bag of giant apples. I always pick out the largest apples I can find. Anyone else do that?

So today, I have plucked my fave recipes for all you fellow apple lovers out there, enjoy these and tag me on Instagram if you make something from this list! I would love to see it!...


Party-Ready Cashew Cheese Spread

This dreamy, party-perfect appetizer is going to be a must-have recipe for the upcoming holiday season! My vegan walnut-crusted Cashew Cheese Spread is made without the need of a cheesecloth. The texture is spreadable and smooth, yet firm enough to create a pretty cheese shape and to allow you to rim the edges with whatever nut or herb you'd like.

So before the official holiday season begins, test this out a few times and you will see how easy and impressively delicious this 'cheese" appetizer is!..


Chipotle Maple Tofu Tacos

These Chipotle Maple Tofu Tacos with spinach and smashed avocado, fresh lime juice on top are an easy and satisfying plant-based, protein-rich meal. This spicy-sweet tofu is the perfect filling to mingle with buttery avocado and a light layer of healthy greens. I love to serve my tacos with hot sauce and vegan sour cream, ranch or mayo on top.

Get the recipe and make these tonight!..