Savory-Sweet Snack! Cashew Butter Dip with Curry-Coconut Flavor.

This savory sweet recipe is my new favorite snack for fall. Pair a little bowl of this Cashew Butter Dip with fall apple slices, veggie sticks or rustic grain crackers and let the nibble-fest begin. This inviting nut butter dip is flavored with warming ginger, silky cashew, coconut, sweet maple and warm spices like curry, cinnamon and optional cayenne. There is even a little boost of leafy greens in each bite! Thank you to the talented chefs at Vitamix headquarters for this recipe idea..


10 Superfoods for Smoothies I am Loving Right Now! VIDEO.

Today I am sharing ten of the smoothie add-in superfoods I am crushing on now. You all know I embrace a smoothie-a-day wellness habit. Well one easy way to super-boost the nutrient profile of your smoothie is by adding in superfoods. And just to be clear, I am using the term "superfood" quite loosely. Basically anything that adds some wellness OOMPH to my smoothie, I like to call a superfood.

There is a long laundry list of superfood possibilities including things like chia seeds, cacao, moringa, aloe vera, hemp seeds, acai powder, mushroom powder, turmeric, spirulina, protein powders, apple cider vinegar, matcha green tea, camu powder, Ayruvedic herbs, cinnamon, pitaya, cayenne, maca powder and on and on. Just hop on over to the supplement section of any Whole Foods or vitamin store and see what I mean! Well my superfood list changes frequently, but right now, these are ten superfood add-ins I am generously rotating into my smoothies. And this post includes a "fuss-free, aka no-makeup or wardrobe" chat and list, VLOG video!

Plus a bonus for 365 Vegan Smoothies book owners! Print out my 10-Day Smoothie challenge Scorecard. Print it out, challenge yourself and friends!..


Bold 'n Spicy Garlic Kale Chips, Halloween Orange

The best part about devouring an entire batch of freshly-made kale chips is that it feels oh-so-naughty going crunch-munch-crunch, but in the end you can basically say, "Hey, I just ate a huge salad!" Nutrition score.

These not-so-spooky, vampire-not-approved, Halloween-approved, Garlic Turmeric Bold Kale Chips are frightfully fun and just may give your taste buds a wake up call with their spicy flavor and bold garlic bite. Each orange-tinted chip is loaded with yummy flavors and kale superpowers for a very healthy Halloween snack. These chips are amazingly unique because they use virgin coconut oil as the oil and that makes the flavor incredibly dreamy. You just may moan like a spooky ghost when you bite into one of these ruffled green bites. Plus, this is a QUICKIE version recipe using un-soaked cashews and a super fast broiling method for kale chips. Get my recipe!


Curried Coconut Cauliflower Soup with warming spices.

This Curried Coconut Cauliflower Soup is a delicious and easy-to-make soup that is warming and soothing for fall.


Wellness Gets Real. My Story.

With each new blogpost, I am continually so grateful that this little food blog I started back in 2007 is now my full-time career. But besides being my dream job, the truly most valuable aspect of blogging for me has been all the amazing connections I have made with my readers and fellow bloggers, you guys on the other side of this screen.

You are a community of compassionate, aware, sometimes hilarious and always inspiring individuals from all over the world. I wake up each day excited to see what you are posting in the comments, tweeting me, Instagramming and reaching out everywhere else.

Heathy Happy (Real) Life Series. Today I am pausing on a recipe and sharing a story. All because I want to chat a bit deeper with you on the topic of wellness. Because while I know we all love a good spin-on-avocado-toast recipe post, I also know that sometimes the best meals are not about the food at all, but rather about the person on the other end of the table, and the connections and stories you shared.



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