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Peanutty Celery Apple Edamame Salad with a spicy kick!

One of my favorite snacks as a kid was "ants on a log." Creamy peanut butter slathered on crisp, crunchy sticks of celery, juicy raisins nestled on top. It was the perfect combination of rich and nutty, fresh and hydrating, creamy and crunchy, salty and sweet, healthy and indulgent. Well if you are like me, you probably love that classic combo of celery and nut butter, and maybe even apple and nut butter. So good! Well today's recipe is inspired by my love of all those kid-approved snacks, whipped up into a very adult-approved side salad, snack or meal! Get my Peanutty Celery Apple Edamame Salad recipe. And yes, you can substitute with almond butter, sunflower butter or another favorite nut or seed butter!..


Vegan Blackberry Cheesecake

I was craving vegan blueberry cheesecake, but somehow ended up with this silky Blackberry Cheesecake with a hint of sweet orange citrus. And that turned out to be quite a delicious tweak in my plans. This easy cashew cheesecake with sweet-tart, deep vibrant purple blackberry accents makes a wonderful no-bake, dairy-free dessert!..


I'm Having a Moment.

I am having a moment. A cookbook kind of moment. A wow-this-is-all-really-real moment. A moment I had to share with you guys. So I captured it on film! Like any good blogger :) Check it out!..


10 Amazing Discoveries in Florence, Italy - Vegan in Swiss + Italy, Part 2

travel florence italy
The adventure continues! I am so glad you all enjoyed my first part of this Vegan in Italy and Switzerland Travel Feature. Read part one here. Now I leave the land of snow-tipped mountains, cobblestone castles, swans, mist and fairy dust and move into Italy! Wine, food, art and drama. Florence here we come..


Fairytale Land: Switzerland -- Vegan in Swiss + Italy Trip, Part 1

switzerland travel feature
My favorite thing about how I have crafted my blog over the years is that I am able to write about more than just food and recipes. You guys are receptive and welcoming to all sorts of posts from me, from restaurant reviews, book reviews, wellness tips, videos and even a few stories, reflections and experiences from my personal life. And of course, travel.

I adore traveling, and food and travel go hand in hand so it all kinda works out for a food blogger and author like me. Plus I think many people are curious to read about how I stay a healthy, happy vegan when I travel. Especially traveling overseas!

Well for this travel feature, I have a fabulous journey to share with you all. Spread through 3-4 posts I will share with you the European trip I took with my husband last November to Switzerland and Italy, and of course all the amazing vegan food I found in those far off places. (I will warn you that there is more vegan food in my Italy posts than this one, but if you ever dream of or plan on visiting Switzerland, I hope this story inspires and motivates you!) I hope you enjoy this journey, my photos and my adventures.

First up, the fairytale land I fell in love with aka, Switzerland.. I took lots of photos to share with you!