Mushroom 'Queso-dillas' with Chunky Guacamole

*disclosure: The post is sponsored by Good Foods

Today's recipe features my speedy, satisfying, (veggie-filled) spin on a traditional quesadilla. Fuss-free and super flavorful, these Mushroom Queso-dillas are a crowd-pleaser! And every toasty triangle can be topped with my secret, flavor-boosting ingredient: Good Foods Chunky Guacamole. Ahead, I show you how to easily whip up this recipe, in minutes! Feed a crowd or party-of-one.

Plus, a product 'sneak peek!" Did somebody say vegan Tzatziki??..


57 Vegan Pumpkin Recipes (Updated)

This is one of my favorite round-up posts.. all things pumpkin!

Vegan Pumpkin Recipes. From pumpkin cinnamon buns, pumpkin fritters, cozy soups, rice dishes, ice cream, donuts, quesadillas and multiple versions of vegan pumpkin pie - these are all my pumpkin-y recipes.

These recipe posts are both recent and vintage. Savory and sweet. A few that are super healthy - and plenty that are quite decadent and sweet. There is something for everyone on this list - so if you have a can of pumpkin sitting in your kitchen pantry, give this list a look and hopefully find some inspiration!


Mushroom Avocado Toast

This is what happens when you take two of my toast faves and join them together. Mushroom Toast + Avocado Toast = today's recipe for Mushroom Avocado Toast. This super easy and simple recipe is packed with flavor and is delicious as a quick lunch, brunch or breakfast. I love this toast paired with a matcha latte in the mornings. Watch me make it and get the recipe!....


Soft Pumpkin Cookies

These vegan Soft Pumpkin Cookies with optional chocolate chunks are a delicious treat for fall. Warmly spiced and sweetened with coconut sugar, they have a pumpkin patch meets cozy Halloween night sort of aroma. They have a, fall leaves, crisp breezes, a crackling fire, cinnamon-spice, Jack-o-lantern sort of vibe. So if you are in a cookie baking sort of mood this month, whip up some of these for your friends and fam! These pair well with your fave latte or mug of hot tea. They also pack well in lunch boxes or baggies for an on-the-go snack. The hearty pumpkin flavor gives these a bit more oomph and added goodness than a traditional chocolate chip cookie. So feel good about snacking on these!....


Tofu Croutons

These simple and tasty Tofu Croutons are perfect for adding a punch of protein to your salad or soup. They have a mild cheezy, peppery flavor and golden edges all around. Infuse some serious flavor into your tofu, and fall in love with it all over again!

If you love croutons on your salad, or are looking for flavorful ways to add more protein, give these a try!...