Simple Vegan Sandwich.

Sometimes you just want a sandwich.

I am keeping things simple today with this Simple Vegan Sandwich.

My dad worked from home when I was a kid. Sandwiches were his specialty. That, and taco night and a few rounds of BBQ-ing on the deck. But sandwiches were his every day, go-to lunch. I feel like if he wasn't working or on the tennis courts, he was in the kitchen making a sandwich. Oh the things we remember from childhood.

He would be down working in his office all day, then pop up around lunchtime to make a sandwich. I imagine, it was kinda like my smoothie breaks - a nice little break from things with a meal he loved. He would climb up the stairs to our sunny little kitchen. Pull out his goodies from the fridge. Pour a tall glass of soda and ice and have his lunch. Maybe a few potato chips too...

Today I hope I can inspire you to break out the mustard, open up the pickle jar, find some ruffly leaves of lettuce and make your own Simple Vegan Sandwich!..


My 10 Favorite Vegan Products from Beautycounter. Free Gift Offer!

Yup, this is how I roll most days. Zero makeup. Top knot. Yoga clothes. No fear. But about those goodies in my hands..

A few weeks ago my sensitive skin was flaring up. Dry, itchy, irritated. The usual way I combat flare-ups is to moisturize every day after I shower. But I had been jumping around brands of body lotion, having trouble finding one that I loved. No harsh fragrances. Vegan. No animal testing. Feels good going on. No questionable ingredients. I decided to try a new brand.

The brand is Beautycounter! I had first learned about this brand a few months ago from my friend Lily who raved about it for her son's sensitive skin. Her story really resonated with me because I know first hand how challenging it can be to find brands that work for you when you have sensitive skin, acne-prone skin - or even a sensitive immune or endocrine system.

At first, I was really hesitant to try Beautycounter because their branding is so mainstream and I usually seek out very "natural-image" brands. But I was pleasantly surprised (and even shocked) by what I learned from them. The information I learned has really made me scan my "products" in a whole new way. And today I want to share some of those findings with you guys!

So if you struggle with sensitive skin, just want safer products for your family or want to find vegan products you love, Beautycounter is pretty awesome. Their ingredient transparency is like no other brand I have seen. And they are passionately committed to bringing consumers safe and effective products. Their NEVER LIST, is phenomenal.

They are absolutely vegan-friendly. And never test on animals.

Today I want to share my ten favorite Beautycounter products. And for a limited time, I have an exclusive free gift for you ($24 value!)..


Fall Passion® Iced Tea

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tazo® Tea for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fall Transition Tea! It's fall. But it is still hot outside, am I right? This tea!..

When your iced tea tastes like fall spice sangria or mulled wine, but you literally do not miss the alcohol at all. That's the feeling when you sip my Fall Passion Iced Tea with chunks of crisp, sweet apples, cinnamon, orange zest and a Tazo Tea Passion® blend base. I have seriously been sipping this stuff all week long. Fill glass. Sip. Repeat. (Plus I'm bring you a giveaway to make this tea!)


My 40 Best Vegan Pumpkin Recipes (Updated!)

This is one of my favorite round-up posts.. all things pumpkin!

Vegan Pumpkin Recipes. From pumpkin cinnamon buns, pumpkin fritters and multiple versions of vegan pumpkin pie - these are all my pumpkin-y recipes.

These recipe posts are both recent and very vintage. Savory and sweet. A few that are super healthy - and plenty that are quite decadent and sweet. There is something for everyone on this list - so if you have a can of pumpkin sitting in your kitchen pantry, give this list a look and hopefully find some inspiration!


Vegan Pumpkin Pie Parfaits!

These Vegan Pumpkin Pie Parfaits are sooooooooo good. No, I'm serious. I devoured my test-run parfait and couldn't wait to share this recipe with you guys. These parfaits remind me of being a kid. Maybe its the layers of gold, coconut whip and crumbly grahams. Maybe it is the spoon diving fun. Maybe it is the pumpkin pie flavor and texture. Whatever it is, I hope you give this recipe a try!

Have pumpkin pie bliss starting right now! No holiday required. And check out the video for this recipe too!..