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3-Ingredient Vegan Honey Mustard Dressing

Three Ingredient Honey Mustard Dress and Sauce - vegan and super delicious!
I have always loved Honey Mustard Dressing. That sassy, sweet, bite of flavor, sometimes coupled with a spicy kick. So today I give you a super simple vegan version, my Three Ingredient No-Honey Mustard Dressing! It has bold flavor that will transform your salad greens, raw veggies, skillet veggies, legumes and more in a flash! And is whisks together in seconds with a simple fork...


Green Dream Smoothie Bowl.

A shiny sunrise danced its way into my kitchen, and the morning felt clean and untouched as it always does at 8am. With kittens stretching at my feet, ideas and plans for the work day buzzing through my head, my body in need of fuel, it was the perfect time to blend a yummy smoothie.

Cut to a few minutes later. Me. Standing in my kitchen, chugging the last few drops of my Green Dream Smoothie, straight from my Vitamix container. I could not get enough of the vibrant spirulina, smoky mesquite, protein-rich hemp, fiber-ful chia seeds, butterscotch-y maca and alluring sweet vanilla - laced in between creamy banana flavor.

This is how I always want to fuel my day. Hungry for wellness-infused ingredients, chugging my smoothie - and life - until the last drop. Craving every sip, craving every day.

..Oh why yes, smoothies = metaphors for life.

So put a Green Dream boost in your step, with today's recipe!..


Mint Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Nut Cookies

I am sharing my favorite Mint Chocolate Chip Oat Nut Cookies for you today. This recipe is inspired by an old family recipe..


Cheezy Quinoa, Marinated Tomatoes, Skillet Chickpeas. Make-Ahead Meal.

Dear quinoa, long time no see. So a few days ago when I saw a shiny new bag of organic quinoa staring me down at the grocery store, I grabbed it and the dinnertime dreams started spinning....


31 Vegan Wellness Tips from Bloggers!

31 vegan wellness tips from bloggers
I had so much fun sharing 47 Ways to Get Fit - from bloggers, that I wanted to do another round-up of quotes and advice from bloggers and from my own adventures as a vegan. These 31 Vegan Wellness Tips are for vegans, or anyone looking to add more plant-based meals to their life, flirt with veganism (as Alicia Silverstone would say), and embrace their own health, happiness and overall wellness...